Thursday, 24 December 2015

The Die or DIY? Christmas Mixtape 2015 - "Have You Been Naughty Or Nice? Or Will You Have To DIE Or DIY?"(30 Electronic Misses From The Pre-Midi Era)" (a Die or DIY? Mixtape No.8)

As the technology era progresses to the point where we all carry around our brains, now renamed as 'Smart hand Held devices' or 'Phones'. Tech took over pop Music's Brain, if it ever had one, years ago. Dancing to a machine was a rather intriguing Avant garde concept in the late seventies, but that is now music for the masses, thumping its hypnotic beat in every hideous meat market disco around our dying planet. Before MIDI,or Musical Instrument Digital Interface was standardised, so machines could talk to each other, we had the rather unstable Controlled Voltage and gate method of sequencing a synthesiser, or play it by hand. The result of which preserved the much missed human factor that is glaringly missing from today's disco tunes.Even the singer gets 'auto-tuned' on what seems like every record.
So, as you unwrap your new brain replacement device and government tracking and data collection your new smart phone. Slip this years Xmas mixtape on your iPhone and marvel at the wobbly, unsyncopated  beats and melodies of these 30 ditties from a time when not being a primordial cyborg was normal.


1.Ausgang Verboten - "Consumer"
2.Unovidual & Tara Cross - "Comme Je Suis"
3.Les Yeux Interdit - "Prison"
4.Ptose - "Boule(Viens Ici!)
5.Etat des Stocks - "She's Got Big Tits"
6.Dark Day - "Nudes In The Forest"
7.Danton's Voice - "Magic Mushroom"
8.Andi Arroganti - "Hom-O-Hetero"
9.Das Kabinette - "Fudge It"
10.Deux - "Ministry Of Love"
11.Duotronic Synterror - "Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick"
12.MAP - "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"
13.Years On Earth - "And I Dream"
14.Sympathy Nervous - "Khaki Cloud"
15.Nine Circles - "The Rose"
16. Das Ding - "Reassurance Ritual"
17.John Bender - "57-1/Dance"
18.Robert Lawrence - "Japanese Brain warning"
19.Sentimentale Jugend - "Tote Kammer"
20.AD - "Conspiracy"
21.Synthefall - "Abzahlreim"
22.Zirkel Junger Musiker - "Hochwasser"
23.Treibeis - "Vinylbabies"
24.The Klingons - "Temptation"
25.Machines At Last - "The Colony"
26.High Bias - "The Killing Of The Cats"
27.Gen Ken Montgomery - "When I'm walking"
28.Another View - "Power Station"
29.Suisse - "Live At Longbourn"
30.Modern Art - "Hello-Goodbye"

DOWNLOAD something naughty but nice HERE!


Stu said...

I'm going to play this when I've got the relatives round for Christmas dinner tomorrow.

Thanks for all the weird shit this year. Hope you can find something slightly less mental next year. How about some of the less mainstream indie-pop stuff from the early/mid-80s? Or is that way too commercial despite selling almost nothing??!!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Stu,
hope the relatives enjoy this minimal synth feast.
I'll look into some indie pop,i'm far from an expert in that area,but i feel like a change in listening habits,so i'll take your request into consideration. That stuff did evolve from the diy scene i suppose,so it does fit in with my remit.
Happy winter solstice.

Chris S said...

This is wonderful! Thanks so much. Have a wonderful holiday Jonny. As Stu said, thanks for all the great music and great reviews this past year. Looking forward to what the future will bring as usual. This Xmas comp is an incredible start!

Michael said...

Dear Johnny, thanks for this great year of music you gave us access to:) Though not this time, I fear:
"Permission Denied.
"Khahi Cloud" by Sympathy Nervous may be available for download from Amazon." is what I get when trying o download the comp.
Any chance to get this ?
Best, Michael

Jonny Zchivago said...

I'll upload to google drive immediately.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Now re-upped to google drive.....when will i ever learn not to use mediafire!?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers, Chris S,
I reciprocate.

the saucer people said...

Seasons Greetings to you and yours mate! Thirty sterling tunes from the land before digital and plenty of my favourites well represented on here with a few surprises - especially good to see the demented Japanese genius Yosihumi Niinuma AKA Sympathy Nervous represented, I'm a huge fan of his early music and of course the Vanity Records label in general, though owning any of their original tape/flexi/vinyl releases is well beyond my pocket, though some of their stuff has been bootlegged at least at reasonable prices and of course there is the MW Plastic Love

Anyway, looking forward to next year's DIEORDIY musical twists and turns, if it's anything like 2015, we are all in for a seriously good ride (worst case scenario, it'll be a good soundtrack to an upcoming year of potential global financial meltdown and/or WW3).

Michael - Dead easy to deal with the most unwelcome MF 'this may be available on Amazon blah blah' copyright cops bollocks - just shut the tab down and re-open it and the original MF download page appears - works every time

George Harold said...

Thanks for all the music this year!

pinkie said...

Ditto - thanks Jonny