Tuesday, 29 December 2015

John Bender ‎– "Pop Surgery" (Record Sluts ‎– RS 004) 1983

A Minimal Synth classic that is almost fit enough to shine the shoes of 'Metamatic','Computer World' or 'The Pleasure Principle'; more importantly,done on a minuscule budget compared to those major label classics.But probably has more in common with stuff like the immeasurably wonderful "Dada Computer".
More introverted and suffocated analogue classics from a bedroom lost in the smogs of ignorance, only to emerge from that fuzzy egg as an ugly duckling that we don't want to turn into a Swan.

It says on the sleeve:
"The material on this album is gleaned from tapes 53 thru 68 
and was conceived in 1982 and the 1st quarter of 1983"......I assume the numbers in the titles refer to the year of the source material? 1953????? It seems that John Bender is claiming to be the Inventor of Synth Pop?


A154-2 Meat
A265-2 Galacial
A360-1 Thought
A460-2 Mallinder
A560-3 Hand
A660-4 Day
B157-1 Dance
B267-4 Glass
B353-2 Blue
B468-1 Cows
B568-2 Amalgamelon
B668-3 Unrelated

DOWNLOAD an appointment at the pop surgery HERE!


Unknown said...

actually, i was never claiming anything. just had an itch to be scratched. love music. a way of putting impulses in my head onto magnetic and, ultimately vinyl canvas. the numbers are not dates, but tape numbers/sides/track

heavy_dubby said...

i am very happy that this masterpiece has been just reissued. great!

Anonymous said...

just hearing these tracks for the very first time and i'm loving them. Very innovative tracks, the creative freedom of each track make for a delightful listening. Thank you, señor Bender.