Saturday, 19 December 2015

Joseph Nechvatal ‎– "Babbling Tongues Of Metamorphoses" ( Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 75) 1987

So you thought that Negativland were a bunch of Smart-arses eh? Well here's a bona-fide smart arse, with qualifications-a-plenty in smart-arseism. This geezer can do Plunderphonia as well as being able to explain what he's doing,why he's doing it and probably write a thesis on said subject. 
If you had ever wondered who was responsible for those zany art theories of viractualism and Cybism, Dr Nechvatal ,yes he's a doctor(not the medical variety you philistine!),is yer man. And on his days off,not that Artists ever have a day off, he churns out the odd swirling sound collage constructed from found sounds and snot......quite like this fruity blast of mashed up ectoplasm ,baked and served as a rectangular plastic pie of intellectual offal.

Side A
Side B

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Richard Zimmerman said...

Awesome man, Nechvatal is the shit

zdarma said...

Amazing string of uploads. The MAP tapes collection is epic!