Friday, 4 December 2015

Big City Orchestra ‎– "Bretagne" (Nihilistic Recordings ‎– NhR066) 1989

Bretagne is the Celtic part of France, which was once attached to south west England during the ice-age by land;  and they extended their reach into Wales, Scotland and Ireland .
This C-60 sounds like a malfunctioning radio in a freezer centre(again!), and it wouldn't surprise me if this is what it sounds like in the Celtic mind, for Bretagne is full of weirdo's. Cornwall used to be full of weirdo's, now its even worse; packed with trust fund hippies,even richer adrenaline junkie surfers;and even worse still, Lawyers and stockbrokers with holiday homes. In fact whilst  thinking of those three population groups my mind is producing a similar noise to this recording......hmmmmmm,.now I understand.


1. Albin-Haler (31.40)
2. Xzintrailles (31.35)

DOWNLOAD the warped mind of a celt HERE!


Mary said...

Another astonishing K7 for the desert island.
Thank you.
Mary ;)

Peter said...

Just discovered these K7's of Big City Orchestra.
I'm looking for their "Eerily" CD.
Thanks in advance.
All the best.

Vaykorus said...

Thanks, thnaks, thanks...!!