Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Negativland ‎– "Points" (Seeland ‎– SEELAND 002) 1981

Yes these fuckers are a bunch of smart arses, but their records are pretty good.This 1981 effort, showcases their trademark sound collage technique and a fair amount of plunderphonia.
There's an early nod towards what would be the 'Incredibly Strange Music' fad of the late nineties, with a tribute to Perry and Kingsley  of "The In Sound From Way Out"(one of thee best album titles of all time or what?) fame, on track two.
Bucket loads of found sounds and sound manipulation on offer to satisfy any number of coffee table weirdos you care to imagine.
What would be a sublime irony is if Negativland or the wankers who manage them,or own the rights to their music,ask (better still, Dee-mand) for this link to be removed. As Blakey from 'On The Buses'* would say, "that'd make my day, Butler"!

*"On The Buses" was a satirical British sit-com from the 
'60s and 70's' that accurately portrayed life in the United Kingdom as dominated by the trade unions and the working classes.....ah them were the days. We working classes owned that country before Thatcher ruined it all. Now we have nothing left.....all stolen by the Toffs. We don't even have football anymore,Beer is extortionate,even every actor is now posh because no-one from the lower echelons can afford to go to drama school.....fuck the posh cunts up in the imminent revolution!Reclaim the streets, then watch "On The Buses".


A1Harry To The Ferry
A2The Answer Is
A3The Scolding Box
A4That Darn 'Keet
A5Dear Mary
A6Clutch Cargo '81
B2A Nice Place To Live
B3A Bee Fly
B4No Hands
B5Potty Air

DOWNLOAD points to good taste HERE!


Alan Burns said...

Best writeup of On The Buses I've ever seen!

Thanks for the Negativland. Never listened to these guys properly.

Philip Sanderson said...

I hate you Butler, I hate you.........

Jonny Zchivago said...

or more phonetically accurate...."I 'ate choo Batlah, I 'ate choo!"
As a child their was a poor child on my street called,disastrously for him, Stan Butler....i'm ashamed to say that my mates and i taunted him with blakey impressions for at least three years.....poor sod.

Philip Johnson said...

The late Stephen Lewis who played Blakey actually was a working man who got into acting through left-wing theatre.