Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Crawling With Tarts and Deathranch ‎– "Deathranch and Crawling With Tarts" (ASP ‎– ASP 20) 1991

Erstwhile collaborators with,and former members of, Big City Orchestra, Deathranch's collaboration with the interestingly named Crawling With Tarts.
I don't know if its meant to sound like this,or its just the worn out tape on this cassette,but these pieces seem to consist of two monaural tracks panned hard to the left and right. One stereo track being some fairly challenging abstract compositions,balanced by the other side of the stereo field being taken up by a uniform fog of Dolby off tape hiss.Not unlike a monaural version of The New Blockaders "Epater Les Bourgeoise", but only half as pretentious.

Track Listing:

1-7. "Untitled"

DOWNLOAD to only half impress the middle classes HERE!


Vaykorus said...

Thanks, thnaks, thanks...!!

Deathranch - Onanathra (1987) upload? pls..

Mary said...

Not their best release, but Crawling With Tarts is quite an interesting group.
Worth investigating deeper their discography.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

great blog

Vaykorus said...