Friday, 11 December 2015

Crawling With Tarts - "Crawling With Tarts" (ASP) 1986

This could well be Crawling With Tarts' debut release as far as I know;and its not as you'd expect.
Not too much abstract noise collages,although there are a few of these of course. Mainly its a drum kit and Bass work out,in a DIY Post-punky duo stylee, and is therefore, 1/, very unamerican, and 2/, reasonably entertaining for that low brow area of the cerebral cortex that enjoyed Punk Rock so much.
Well pruned avant-rock minimalism,relieved of the more pretentious branches that can make so much of US'86 cassette culture releases so samey and , yes, boring. They got worse after this,losing the naive charm of discovering that you didn't have to be Led Zeppelin to make a record after all.

Track Listing:

Side A
A01 - 100 Times
A02 - Collision of 2 cultures
A03 - Art on the run
A04 - Zebra crossing
A05 - Zoo fux zoo
A06 - L'air de paisterre
A07 - Kanga + kippers
A08 - Dancing with skullboys
A09 - Grasses were ropes
A10 - Lou way zanin
A11 - Theatre of motar
A12 - Clay
A13 - Un autre chant funèbre

Side B
B01 - Sanddled for riding
B02 - E-wire walleye
B03 - Penis driver
B04 - Manor
B05 - Fi fi la fongs
B06 - Bones
B07 - Devant l'air de paisterre
B08 - Pianobar
B09 - Salinas balroom
B10 - Bacchant
B11 - Mass
B12 - Kingbird
B13 - E
B14 - Love 100 times

DOWNLOAD some tarts to crawl with HERE!


Anonymous said...

This is incredible!

Luca said...

How I missed this. I don't know.

Thank you as always