Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– "A Very Large Array" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 152) 1987

Well, I have seen larger array's than this,but its a jolly good array of the usual abstract electronica and left field avant-industria that lurks in the shadowy world of pig (sound of...).
Again it features my favourite minimal composition student and word collage-ist ,Roberta Eklund,she good,she very good. The excellent,and prolific Big City Orchestra contribute the ironic 'making a Living as a Musician', and Europe is represented by the fine Dutch industrial act Zombies Under Stress.
Its hard to understand why a band called The Swimming Behaviour Of The Human Infant were never snapped up by CBS or any of these other awful, clueless ,culturally bankrupt record companies,who are the very definition of Zombies Under Stress. Thankfully there are a diminishing Array of these hideous capitalist leeches due to the power of the internet; its usually people like me who get the blame for 'Musicians' not making a living,when its the corporate nazi's  who have been stealing from musicians and music fans for decades.Internet sites are nothing more than digitized versions of the John Peel Show, magnified.Providing the biggest shop window that has ever existed for underground music of the past and future. DIY/underground/alternative musicians have never made a living as a musician,but there exists an opportunity by playing Work. 
Another way is repackaging the 'free' music of the past as limited editions and selling them to the middle classes at an exorbitant rate. As a certain  German based re-issue label does,and seems to feel free to slag me off,and others,  using my pseudonym in certain public communication forums,setting himself up as some kind of Tape collecting Jesus. We're doing the same thing except we don't do it for money,and put ourselves on a pedestal for doing it.
How talking about a band called 'the Swimming Behaviour Of the Human Infant' led to this rant I have no idea, so apologies to all.....except Herr Maier who seems to share the same traits as thee most famous German/ Austrian ever......altogether now, "FEGELEIN!" (if you've seen Downfall that is.)Or in this case......ZCHIVAGOOOOOO!

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