Saturday, 5 September 2015

Various Artists ‎– " Blorp Essette " Volume Two (Los Angeles Free Music Society ‎– LAFMS#10/11) 1980

More Van Vliet art in 'True Mono' for guitar players! can't go far wrong with those three cosy niches overlapping each like a Venn diagram of  'wot is gud'. The central sector,where all three converge, forming the all encompassing brilliance of "Blorp essette"......volume two. Not forgetting that Volume One was fantastic also.
All the usual LAFMS contributors(the Potts, Recchion,Duck,Chapman,Smegma etc.) are, one assumes, present; plus some very un-PC lo-fi Punk from The Child Molesters, with their peon to the Hillside Strangler.....not the first peon to this mythical monster, but a fine noise indeed nonetheless!
Side 2 of LP1,is dedicated to those who would want to stretch the possibilities of the guitar to this versatile instruments uncharted limits.The picks being Mr.Foon 'untrendy' piece from 1977, and Henry Kaiser's abstract vision of Gary Moore's solo from "Parisienne Walkways"......not really, but a fine example for a compare and contrast moment; that is one is brilliant and innovative, the other pure shite......I'll leave it up to you which one is which.

Track Listing:

A1 Unknown Artist Intro...

A2 Bix Flent Happy Birthday Behavior

A3 The Child Molesters (I'm The) Hillside Strangler

A4 ace=1,aos c/s Examining Upstart Art

A5 Amy DeWolfe Frogsies And Fisheggs Zuking Mushroom Headtops In The Swamp. The Mushroom Headtops Walk Into The Unknown. The End (Beware Of The Zookies)

A6 Rick Potts Don't Think

A7 Doo-Dooettes From The Desk Of….The Doo-Dooettes

For Guitar Players

B1 Larry Fischer Smegma Introduction

B2 Patrick Dutchboy Lubotamy Delayedelusions 1-5

B3 Henry Kaiser Mal Qué Arroz

B4 Reet / Craig ACNoDE Ape

B5 Mr. Foon Non-Trendy Guitar Piece 1977

B6 Electric Willy Trio Truck-Drivin' Song

B7 Larry Fischer Smegma Outro (Outake)

Blorp Esettes Greatest Hits

C1 Unknown Artist Intro…

C2 Dennis Duck Evolution Song

C3 Joe Potts Heartphase Hotel

C4 Smegma / Harry Halibut & His Band Renoun Medley: Bubs Enter A Cold, Hard World / The Bub Walk

C5 Electric Willy Trio Cow Town Blues

C6 Reverend Toad-Eater Alden Street

D1 The New Los Grifos Band / Dr. Id / Ju Suk Reet Meate Medley: Joe Hall's Dead / Idpiece Codpiece / Hot's Bee's Head Hit The Wax

D2 Patients (Rodan)

D3 Chip Chapman Red Light, Auto Flight

D4 Sucmeof The Spud Betty Moons It

D5 The Child Molesters Muscle Beach Party (Live)

D6 Charles Wasserburg My Skateboard High

DOWNLOAD with volume too HERE!


George Harold said...

I normally hate various artist releases, but these are really good! Love the artwork as well.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You know what george, you are correct.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Some of these songs are surprisingly catchy, the whole "greatest hits" section is a lot of fun.