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Various Artists - "A Classic Slice Of Teenage Angst (Volume 2)" (A classic Slice Of teenage Angst Fanzine Cassette) 1979

There was a second issue of Preston based Fanzine Teenage Angst, a shit-fi multi-media extravaganza which included volume 2 of a cassette of more bands from Preston.
First up is the obscurely named 4NT, a rough as old arseholes proto-indie band, recorded in the lowest possible fidelity like some phantom band haunting a pub, who died in 1979.
In between the tracks we have that droning john cooper clark on mogadon,introducing the bands after a classic slice of his bad teenage poetry.
I did have a cassette of the next band, the PR5 (a Preston post code no doubt), but tragically this rarity disappeared long ago.They sound quite interesting here, with a kind of disjointed Dub Punk which makes me regret somewhat, that I mislaid that tape(probably taped over it with some Simple Minds or something equally horrendous that we thought was musical advancement in 1981?).
"What in the Sam Hill was that?", was a phrase one would hear in american movies in the seventies to replace the 'F' word. Who the Sam Hill was Sam Hill I have no idea,but, here we have the Preston version.
Sam Hill sounds like the kind of irritating prat who brings his acoustic guitar to parties and starts to sing some songs later in the evening.And we all have to listen!......invariably he always got laid no matter what awful, well played shit he came out with. That's what he comes out with on this cassette; awful, technically good, tuneful adult orientated soft rock(Jesus does get a mention,which could explain a lot). Like he must have lived in a cupboard for the previous two years.
The Ribblebeats get fashionably berated by our announcer for(probably) referring to Girls in their merseybeat tinged indie pop,which is charming but unremarkable.
Side two opens with another Earcom band, The Blank Students, who sound very different to their two tracks on "Earcom 1".A bit like a funky Josef K,they obviously had trendy ambitions;even managing a Peel Session in '81.
Urban Renewal are another band on the slippery slope as pop evolved from punk to Indie.You get the sense that they'd like to have been Discharge but couldn't afford the amplifiers.
High Bias, as featured on the "Camouflage Nebula" tape, make a welcome reappearance, with their/his raw minimal analogue electronica. Very second decade of the twenty first century stuff.
Persian Drumstix ,terrible name, are another proto-indie thrash unit,that sound like they were recorded from outside the rehearsal room without their knowledge. Its like the listener(that's us!) is spying on this forgotten group, rehearsing for a gig that never happened, from inside our ferric-oxide time machine.

(If anyone out there know's the Titles of any of these unknow tracks,please feel free to let us know...cheers.)

Track Listing:

1- Theme - the Mysterons
2- 4NT Intro
3- 4NT - Unknown
4- 4NT - Unknown
5- 4NT - unknown
6- 4NT - Unknown
7- Tony Whitaker Intro
8- Tony Whitaker - Evening Post
9- Tony Whitaker - An Accurate representation of my voice?
10- PR5 Intro
11- PR5 - Going Back
12- PR5 - Unknown
13- Sam hill Intro
14- Sam Hill - Unknown
15- Sam Hill - Unknown
16- Ribblebeats Intro
17- Ribblebeats - I'm Gonna Be Your Friend
18- Ribblebeats - Hey Little Girl
19- Ribblebeats - I Won't See You Anymore
20- Side A Outro
21- Blank Students Intro
22- Blank Students - Unknown
23- Blank Students - Unknown
24- Blank students - Unknown
25- Urban Renewal Intro
26- Urban Renewal - Girls On the Street
27- Urban Renewal - What Can I Do?
28- Urban renewal - Sitting In My Room
29- High Bias Intro
30- High Bias - Unknown
31- High Bias - Unknown
32- High Bias - unknown
33- Persian Drumstix Intro
34- Persian Drumstix - Unknown
35- Persian Drumstix - Unknown
36- Persian Drumstix - Unknown
37- Tape outro - The Mysterons

DOWNLOAD a second slice of teenage angst HERE!


Philip Johnson said...

As I recall, Andrew Hobbs who put these tapes together actually was a committed Christian. He did a fanzine in which he declined to print the name of a band called God And The Turds.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, there is a performer on here that makes unpleasant references to certain supernatural entities.....its no coincidence that he is the worst act on show. Whats so blasphemous about God and the Turds? isn't it a reference to God and his children?

Andrew Hobbs said...

Yes, guilty. I was that born-again droning john cooper clark on mogadon. Apologies for being a dick in those days. Anyway, we still got some good stuff out there!

Jonny Zchivago said...

No need for apologies Andrew, without people like you we'd have nothing to write about....better than being a dick now I suppose, like me.
Thanks for the tapes and stuff anyways.

şevki said...
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