Saturday, 26 September 2015

Various Artists - "Ruido Extraño " (Aztec Recordings AZCASS004) 1981

A very northern England sounding compilation C-60 from a Scottish cassette label,based in Coatbridge; which is one of those hideous satellite towns that float around Glasgow like the ring of scum around an empty bath; a breeding ground for the more creative types of bacteria.
We have some fine funky post punk from The Undercovermen. Some terrible poetry from Andrew Darlington who obviously thinks he IS John Cooper Clark,which would be charming if it didn't make me  wanna press the fast forward button.
Black Pink Purple are quite quirky,utilising  some cool vibes, as in vibrophone, to drive the melody line along,before ruining their PC vibe (as in vibrations) with a tune about someone with,or appearing to have, Anorexia.
The best act on here, is some fine purveyors of the minimal synth art, Final Program; even if all their tunes here sound like an aural anagram of Kraftwerk's hit, 'The Model'....and whats wrong with that?
More minimal synth experimentation from High Bias (as heard previously on 'Camouflage Nebula' and 'A Classic Slice of Teenage Angst,vol 2').
De Tian provide the essential DIY avant garde experimental tracks,and Que Bono provide the obligatory Hippie nonsense.


1- Intro
2- In Upstairs rooms - The Undercovermen
3- Dark Clouds - The Undercovermen
4- Unfolding - The Undercovermen
5- News Bulletins In colour - Andrew Darlington
6- Alabaster White Visions Of Ocean- Andrew Darlington
7- Disco in the Show - Black Pink Purple
8- Anorexic - Black Pink Purple
9- Cure For Cancer - Final Program
10-Zero G - Final Program
11-Phase One- Final program
12-Life Goes On - High Bias
13-The killing Of The Cats - High Bias
14- Bo Diddley Rides The wild Surf
15- Back - De Tian
16- We Learn To Play The Harpsichord - De Tian
17- After The Cabaret - Congress Of Paris
18- Electric Light - Que Bono
19- Do It - Que Bono
20- Siren's Song - Que Bono

DOWNLOAD this rude extract HERE!


rev.b said...

" the ring of scum around an empty bath; a breeding ground for the more creative types of bacteria." sounds like my kind of place...

Jonny Zchivago said...

I was expecting some Scots Nationalist pouncing on that is a truly horrible part of the world,and as my girlfriend in the 90's came from Bellshill,which neighbours Coatbridge, i spent a lot of time in this ring of scum (which refers to the buildings rather than the people)......time i will never get back.

George Harold said...

I'm looking forward to listening to this, sound great! Is there any chance you could put up Amidst The Noise And Twigs by Volcano the Bear? I would buy it but it's quite expensive ( I could dig around but I'm pretty shit at that!

Jonny Zchivago said...

pps its cheaper here by about a hundred quid!

Anonymous said...

This cassette could be named "Ruido Extraño" after all?

Extraño is "strange" in Spanish, as Extrano means nothing.

In the image, you can see a little sign up the "n", that could be all in all a "ñ"...

Well, not so important, I know, but you never know...


Jonny Zchivago said...

Fine name Zebulon,
of course you are correct....I was just too lazy to find the correct accent on my qwertyUK keyboard.I will amend.

Anonymous said...

You changed it!

Sorry for the trouble...


djposer said...

If anyone out there knows how to get in touch with whoever did Aztec, I'm putting together a Scottish punk/wave discography and would love to learn more about the label.