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Various Artists ‎–"L.A. Mantra II" (Trance Port Tapes ‎– trance 8) 1984

Afterimage (see previous post) were on "L.A.Mantra "1, so here's "L.A.Mantra II", and there's even  another Brit influenced post punk-a-like group on here,the Abecedarians (they even got signed to Factory for a short while in '86!?)
Be not afraid, for there are many other early 80's shoebox's emptying their contents onto two cassettes, for your enjoyment,or otherwise. We got minimal synth, Minimalism, avant rock, mutant disco,ambient, modern composition, avant garde,drone, and plenty of LAFMS hangers on adding their ten cents.
All in, its a great compilation of interesting musics, equal in quality to its predecessor,but in better packaging.
(Thanks go to Carlo for this by the way. includes the  booklet pdf file.)

Tracklist :

Region I-
A1 Marina La Palma Mi Ni Parolas
A2 Randall Kennedy Never Ending Night
A3 John J. Lafia Queen Of The Nile
A4 Abecedarians They Said Tomorrow
A5 Psi-Com Psi-Com (Theme)

Region II-
B1 17 Pygmies Moment In Ceylon
B2 Rick Cox S P
B3 Anthony Teti Winter Arriving
B4 Bay Of Pigs Child's Lament
B5 Repetition Repetition Over & Over, Pt. 8

Region III-
C1 Chas Smith Beatrix
C2 Scott Fraser An Act Of Control
C3 Apes Of God The Discovery Of Fire
C4 John Trubee Crawling Down The Hallway
C5 Carl Stone Wave Heat
C6 A Produce Dorian Imaginagion
C7 Tom Recchion Metallic Bow

Region IV-
D1 Brad Laner N-Counter
D2 Brent Wilcox Secret Of Cargo
D3 Points Of Friction Midnight Globe
D4 An Bene March To Miramol
D5 D.D. Dobson Agua Y Tia
D6 Fluxus Appliance Accidents In The Home
D7 Bruce Licher / Chez Voz Bridge

DOWNLOAD and repeat the mantra after me HERE!


Carlo said...

Here the new link to download "L.A. Mantra II":
N.B.:recovery record included in rar file. Instructions (if needed):
1-Double left click the rar file which will open the Winrar window 2-From the top menu
Commands>Repair Archive
3-Browse to folder you where you wish the repaired archive to be written, then click OK

Chris S said...

You're on a roll Jonny! Thanks so much!!! Happy New Year to you-

Jonny Zchivago said...

Carlo you're a star.
Many thanks.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Happy new year Chris S.

Mr Fab said...

One of the soundtracks to my adolescence. Saw a number of these folk live, inc. the Abecedarians open for New Order in '86 or so. Tho were you aware that Psi-Com features a pre-Jane's Addiction Perry Farrel? Do or DIY in trendy grunge shocker!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Not aware of the Farrel connection! were janes addiction Grunge?...thought they were some kind of awful sub-metal genre crud? I'll admit to doing some grunge;i liked Tad? But they were more or less Thug Metal,so thats ok?

Mr Fab said...

Yeah, actually they were sub-Zepplin, but music biz marketing swept them all into the commercial end of 'alt-rock' aka 'grunge.'Fairly meaningless terms by the '90s. But what is important is: neither download option is working for me! Had no trouble dl-ing the An Bene/Pierre Lambow (thanks for that, btw), so not sure if it's computer gremlins at my end, or what..?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Dunno if you've tried downloading it recently,as there is now only one option,and it seems to work. I had to repair the file,and re-upped it to google drive. Try again sir.

Anonymous said...

Also some connections to Savage Republic, through both the Bruce 'letterpress' Licher and Brad Laner tracks (and to LAMFS etc. via Tom Recchion, but you knew that.)