Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The Die or DIY? Christmas Mixtape 2014 - "This is NOT a Love Song (22 Golden Greats for the Season We Love To Hate)" (a Die or DIY? Mixtape No.7)

"On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my Führer gave to me....
12 Dum Dum Bullets,
11 Snipers Sniping,
10 Lord Haw Haw's a raping,
9  Ladies dancing on the end of a rope,
8  Nazi Maidens a Killing,
7  SS guards a gassing,
6 Goose stepping Death Squads,
4 Punishment Beatings,
3 French Collaborators,
2 Mass Graves,
And a Russian Peasant hanging in a tree."

(Traditional German Christmas Song circa 1943)

Yes, 'tis the season to be Jolly again, especially if you've spent thousands of quid on useless shit,and received piles of unwanted consumer crap in return.Eaten and drank everything that moves you nearer to an early grave with every mouthful. Watched happily as your kids are turned into the selfish greedy little consumers of the near future,as you think of the money that you borrowed to pay for it all from one of those very helpful 'pay day loans' company's at 1258%  APR.
Love and family are the themes for this time of year,as in the Love of Plasma TV's,ruining your kids,and plunging your family into debt to show them that you love them all. Its fucking insane!?
So as an anti-venom to all this fake love, we bring you 22 ditties full of(mostly) fake hate to entertain granny as you carve the Christmas capon.

Track Listing:

1. "God Hates Rock" - Scouts of Uzbekistan
2. "I Hate Music" - The Mad
3. "I Hate Children" - Adolescents
4. "I Hate You" - The Monks
5. "I Hate You" - Gang Green and the Amputations
6. "I Hate School" - The Suburban Studs
7. "We Hate You" - The Jerks
8. "I Hate America" - The Work
9. "I Hate the Universe" - The Cravats
10. "I Hate Cops" - The Authorities
11. "Hate Me" - Die Kreuzen
12. "I Hate Myself" - Vectors
13. "I Hate the Rich" - The Dils
14. "I Hate Tourists" - The Freeze
15. "I Hate Reggae" - Poison Idea
16. "I Hate my Job" - The Bubonic Plague
17. "I Hate" - 100 Flowers
18. "You're the Hate" - Reflex from the Pain
19. "(Learn to) Hate in the 80's" - Bobby Soxx and the Teenage Queers
20. "Escalator Hater" - Raped
21. "Recipe for Hate" - Bad Religion
22. "We Hate You Little Girls" - Throbbing Gristle

DOWNLOAD these loveable hymns HERE!


sweet-hooligan said...

And a merry Christmas to you Mister Nick!

Jonny Zchivago said...

It is reciprocated Timothy!