Friday, 12 December 2014

DDAA ‎– "La Famille Des Saltimbanques" (ADN ‎– ADN TAPES 06) 1984

Another from the desirable category of “Other”, or in this case “Autre”, are French weirdo's, DDAA(Déficit Des Années Antérieures - or in English; A Debt to the the past?). A Gallic Residents and/or amphibian cousins of Renaldo and the Loaf .Around since1979,when the Residents were good.This cassette was released just as their Louisiana born cousins(which is the French bit of the USA),The actual Residents, were turning shit; and even Renaldo's loaves were becoming stale. Thankfully, no Emulators harm the bizarre tunes on this tape;the instrument that did for the Residents,would definitely not be available in France until a few years after everywhere else. I'm not a great fan of France or French music(as you may have guessed from a previous post here), post 1956, but there are exceptions to most rules,and DDAA are one of these. Fine music made with very little equipment, where technology is replaced and superseded by inventiveness and a ladle full of obtuse weirdness.


A1 Le Cratère Central
A2 The R. Standards
A3 Les 25 Pièces
A4 Psychedelic Song
A5 Courir Vers Le Bois
A6 Les Yeux Fermés
A7 Ne Plus Rien Voir
A8 Le Cargo Du Soir
B1 Loin Dans Le Froid
B2 Baltique
B3 La Ferovia


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SonicA said...

I like your 'weird' label here. DDAA are of stunning longevity - still going strong after all these years. I saw them live 2 weeks ago in Brest and it was a treat. They are first and foremost visual artists and always manage to load you up with heaps of healthy synesthesia. Since about 1984 they excel in loop layering and I'm yet to fathom the secret. Great people too, btw.