Thursday, 11 December 2014

Big City Orchestra & Deathranch ‎– "Massacre Of The Innocents" (Sound Of Pig ‎– SOP 39) 1985

Is this BCO's first appearance? And one might have guessed it would be on the home of "Other" music, Al Margolis's Sound of Pig label. More noisier old skool industrial version of otherness on this tape,but just as 'out there' as 'normal',with lots of unexpected non linear invention from outside the shoebox.
These guys must have been rich, or in some well paid jobs or something, 'cus they seem to own at least one Emulator, which in 1984/5 cost a packet! This marks them down one point as i'm a from the 'Politics of Envy' side of the spectrum, as the 'Daily Mail' would label it; but they get a bonus point as money usually destroys creativity,and I see no lack of creativity here.Maybe they were honest and poor after all,and lived in squats to invest their begging money in Emu Systems latest tech? Who cares, its a great tape.


A1 Blue Note, Blue Noise
A2 Tu Pa Pa Au
A3 Cannibals
A4 Iron Works
A5 Cerebral Edema
A6 Blind Bat
A7 Warsaw
B1 Burial
B2 Norwahl
B3 Whatever You Want
B4 Relax
B5 YAMC (Yet Another Madonna Clone)
B6 For We Love No One
B7 Womyns Muzik
B8 Education
B9 Biting Through

DOWNLOAD of the innocents HERE!


Costanzo said...

The first BCO tape I've ever seen was the first Tryst tape released in '82. I'd say this is their first " proper " release. Thanks

Dave G said...

IIRC, Das was working at Emu at the time.