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Narky Brillans - "Goes Into Orbo" (It's War Boys! Cassette, £13) 1981

It's the end of the year,so I'll do what every TV channel does and look back over the year at Die or DIY?
This time last year this blog has just been deleted by the (Ir)relevant authorities for some made up crimes against,among others, the Beatles; because one included a cover version of "I Love You" on a Stray Trolleys cassette!
The best part of a year was spent re-posting everything that was wiped,without consultation one may add, or with recourse to appeal. The inter-web my be relatively "free" but it ain't just, or secure from your own,and other countries' (USA) governments.

To celebrate(?) a year of mainly repeats,here's another repeat post,the imperious Narky Brillans 'goes into Orbo' (also known as Narki Brillans in some quarters;,but this time with a difference. Previously posted without full track editing, one has now been bothered to edit this masterpiece into its constituent tracks,and ripped it to high quality 320k mp3.
As usual with any It's War Boys release there appears to be inconsistencies with the track listing.There are seven tracks when only six are listed,so i am guessing as to which tracks are which. Checking with the vinyl re-release from a few years ago,which has eight tracks(?), i have identified one previously unlisted track,"Dave got a job in a Garage".

Here's the original review anyway:

"More looney tunes from the Homosexuals collective, this time by Narky Brillans, who created this unhinged sound collage back in 1981,again on cassette(£13 is the catalogue number not the price by the way). Brillans was a central member of that collective and this cracked 1981 side is the perfect distillation of the UK DIY aesthetic, with a series of songs, instrumentals and sound works that combine the subterranean rock style of Swell Maps with home-recorded rants, punk-pop instants, outer space drones and doomy synth. Don't know what the personnel was on this recording,but i can sense the presence of Jim Whelton, L Voag ,lurking somewhere in the background of this murky DIY concréte classic. Its very L.Voag in places, and has certain echos of the equally fantastic Gus Coma cassette(posted below,as this was also the victim of a DCMA claim,and had to be removed). These are the sound experiments that Stephen Stapleton allegedly heard to inspire his Nurse With Wound project."

Track Listing:(for Narky Brillans)

Worship Worship U.S.A.

On This Side Of The Tracks

Dave got a job in a garage

Fashist Tea Party

ATom Making Bomb

Falling Hole Into
B3    We Got U.S. Dollars

DOWNLOAD and Go into Orbo with Narky HERE!

GUS COMA - "Color Him Coma" (It's war Boys! £17) 1983 :

Gus Coma Tracklisting:

Pro Walkabout Side
A1 Gut Morning
A2 Very Smart (it was)
A3 Are You Swede?
A4 Tourist
A5 Meet Our Employees
A6 The Cup Is Clean
A7 Televisions
A8 New Broom
A9 The Infiltrators
A10 Sonar Too Good
A11 The Boss's Terrible Handwritting
A12 Avril Shower
A13 Topic Of Cancer
A14 It's 09754
A15 Say Aaah
A16 Advice To The Elderly
A17 Bak Seat Driver

Anti Walkman Side
B1 No More Shoes
B2 Shopping List
B3 Mr. West Today
B4 Stay At Home Housewife
B5 On 99 o o oh
B6 His Own 2 Feet
B7 Bethlehem
B8 Inteligent
B9 Directions
B10 Lemonade 'N' Beer
B11 His Master's Vox
B12 The Wrong Guy
B13 G'Bye For Now


From the sleeve; "Gus Coma is 6 or 7 years old but with a brain and stomach ulcers of a 34yr old xcekutiv. Fanx to every one."

DOWNLOAD a colorful coma HERE!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a whole year's worth of refreshment and encouragement MR Z. It's been good listening, and always good reading. Here's to the future and best wishes for the new year to you and yours. Tally Ho! :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers Bill,and a happy new year.
ps. Sorry,i've had to introduce comment moderation to remove a particularly boring and distasteful spotty american troll twat. These sad dysfunctional cunts get everywhere.

bill said...

That's ok, glad that those of us un-signedup to Google+ or OpenID (whatever that is) can still comment under the (admittedly dodgy sounding)'Anonymous' tag.

I thought your critic sounded like he had a nowt more than a bad case of the green-eyed monster bugging him. Take it as a compliment. :)

Anonymous said...

Moderate this, idiot. I won. And you don't even know what the prize was.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ha Ha Ha,you have been moderated.
and i repeat:
"Trolls tend to have personality problems such as:

Machiavellianism - the eagerness to manipulate others;

Narcissism - self-obsession, pride, and excessive conceitedness;"

You definitely won the prize.And we all know what that prize is.

Stu said...

Jonny, happy new year and thanks for all the shit/brilliant music.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Same to you Stu. Its been fun walking the tightrope between shit and brilliant. Prepared for more shit/brilliant,as i've just received a box of tapes from Bendle's(door and the window/49 americans etc) brother. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Generally, dwelling inspectors are early.