Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Big City Orchestra ‎– "Arph, Arph, Arph" (A.R.P.H. Tapes ‎– AT # 012) 1985

Usually I have some kind of loose theme for my posts, but recent events have fucked up my mind-track. So i'm just gonna do random selections from the category known on iTunes as “Other”.
Its a prestige pigeon-hole to be sorted into, one the straights have invented to put artists that cannot be pigeon-holed.
Such an act is the prolific Big City Orchestra,who have a back catalogue the size of the Welwyn Garden City phone book. Another category this combo usually gets lumbered with, is “Experimental”. Which is an adequate adjective for this highly inventive uncategorisable otherness.
It contains a virtual anthem for our times in “Child Abuse”, with found dialogue that both exposes the attitudes to under age exploitation and the accusing finger of peado-paranoia of the 21st century. Almost a foot tapper.


A1 White Sale 3:16
A2 Child Abuse 4:36
A3 Sex Dance 4:04
A4 Chimes Video 3:56
A5 Wolf Boy Eyes 2:36
B1 I Turned It Off 2:06
B2 Tax Talk 4:29
B3 Commercial 4:20
B4 Spidey Ub's Out 4:26
B5 Fuzzy Wuzzy 5:30


bill said...

Good to see you back JZ. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Yes, good to have you back.hope you´re feeling better. All the best,

stephen Surreal said...

Big City Orchestra used to feature regularly on 'Epitapes' as did AFP stuff - Mike T must have put out around a hundred compilations of bands that would fall into 'other',
All good stuff :)

Carlo said...

Dear friends, here my personal wanted list from B.C.O.:
1987 - Myth Makers
1988 - Substance Abuse
1988 - Absence Sharpens, Presents Strenghtens
1989 - Aime-Morot
1989 - Bretagne
1989 - Childhood Rememberences
1990 - Bell, Book And Candle
1990 - Tallywags
1990 - Prattling Box
1995 - Tryst 8 (with Voice of Eye)
1997 - And When We Get Homme, We Find Someone Else's Male
2009 - Eerily
xxxx - Beatles Hell
xxxx - Carnival Of Monsters
xxxx - Water Bewitched
xxxx - Dance Upon Nothing
xxxx - Tryst 6 (with Nux Vomica)
xxxx - Seeds Of Doom
xxxx - Telegraphe

If someone could provide some links...
Thank you.

Anonymous said...