Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Various ‎Artists – "L.A. Mantra" (Trance Port Tapes ‎– Trance 1) 1983

Another classic Californian compilation is the “L.A. Matrixc-60 compilation from 1983.
The fact that it features one of the best band names of all time,(Fat and Fucked Up) is recommendation enough; but it has everything you could wish for from an underground comp from the post punk period.
We got Motorik style krautrock revival from Still Life, minimal electronic primitivism from If-Then-Else, dark ambient, Post Punk, Avant Rock, you name it, it is probably in here somewhere.
Not quite up there with 'Darker Skratcher' or 'Live at target', but its pretty close.And there are tenuous LAFMS connections,and an appearance by Brad Laner on the Debt of Nature track
A1 If-Then-Else Hey Big Oil
A2 Stil life Rubrica
A3 Afterimage Afterimage
A4 Rand Kennedy* Enorma Jones
A5 Debt Of Nature L.A. Weekly Is God
A6 Rich Evac A Scanner Darkly
A7 Tunneltones Last Line For Love
A8 Mark Bucholtz Winds From Nowhere
A9 A Produce Erosion
B1 An Bene - Pierre Lambow Robot Jungle
B2 Savage Republic Attempted Coup: Madagascar
B3 If-Then-Else The Wedge
B4 Fat & Fucked Up Fugue B
B5 Chas Smith October '68
B6 Rand Kennedy* Smith's Room
B7 Afterimage Idol
B8 Michael Le Donne-Bhennet Vaporous Architecture #3

DOWNLOAD a mantra from L.A. HERE!


Anonymous said...

Love it!! Any chance you've got any of the other tapes this label put out? I'd love to hear more from any of these folks.
Thanks for all the work!!

Carlo said...

I have all the tapes by Trance Port Tapes label, except the compilation "Phantom Takes". If you want, I can upload them. If somebody have Phantom Takes, it would be wonderful to hear this tape.
All the best.

Anonymous said...

Please do share what you can!! I'm eager to hear more from this scene. Thanks again, Andy.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, i can't match Carlo, but i do have "Live at Trance Port" and the John J. Lafia tape. I'll post these next-ish.

Holly said...

Thank you!