Thursday, 18 December 2014

Störung ‎– "This Is Future" (Clogsontronics ‎– SG 002) 1982

In the distant past,lets say, the nineties,this music was thought of as passé, quaint and unsophisticated. They played their synths manually,and probably didn't even use a computer at all! From the age before the Digital disaster,and MIDI,before everyone tried to make a keyboard sound like a trumpet,instead of using, Fucking hell it got real crap post 1985.
Now we are in the future,we realize that what we thought was crap in the really crap nineties, was in fact great,and more in line with a future that we desire once more. A combination of human error and machine,representative of the next phase of human evolution, the cyborg.+-
Holland, famous in the nineties for producing electronic duo, 2unlimited; in fact had produced a far superior and less embarrassing electronic duo, Störung, in the pre-MIDI era, who released a classic minimal synth album,called, "This is Future". This still sounds like the future,even in the future present, whereas Howard Jones and the Art of Noise sound like a past that will never be revisited. Just like when early rock'n'roll turned into Yes and ELP, and had to be be reborn as Punk Rock; so the same course has been taken by its  electronic equivalent.Through experience we now know that music under full emotionless control with no room for error is utter meaningless shite. Thats when we get atrocities like Jean Michel Jarre.


A1 Verspilling 4:38
A2 Dreadful Dance 3:31
A3 Dimensie 4 4:46
A4 Radio Lines 3:08
A5 Modern Fetch 3:51
B1 Nooduitgang 2 3:16
B2 Kortsluiting 4:30
B3 Arabische Nächte 4:53
B4 Two Miles 3:08
B5 This Is Future 3:34

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