Saturday, 28 June 2014

John J. Lafia ‎– "Prayers" (Trance Port Tapes ‎– trance 4) 1984

John J. Lafia ? Dunno who this guy was/is, but this cassette is one of the best primitive futurist minimal electronic records I have heard.
Full of fuzzy space, disembodied passionless voices, warm rounded analogue electronics, sparse beats, from the days before MIDI connectivity turned everyone into a electronic orchestra.
This is the sound of alienated isolation, in a world where humanity is in danger of becoming terminally redundant. Far more relevant to the modern world than it was in 1983.This is an age where we carry our brains everywhere we go and call them smart phones,the first stage of human evolution into Cyborgs.......and what’s wrong with that ?.....put answers on a postcard and send them to Mr Tony Blair, New World Order HQ, Jerusalem, Palestine.


A1 Life Is Short
A2 Dream
A3 Fear
A4 Ritual
A5 Sinking
B1 A Promise
B2 Spaghetti Western
B3 Flying
B4 Hidden Things
B5 Escape

DOWNLOAD and pray for more like this HERE!


Anonymous said...

An Bene & Pierre Lambow - Sustained Space (tape, Trance Port Tapes trance 3, 1983):
Afterimage - Anthology (tape, Trance Port Tapes trance 6, 1984):
Timothy Leary - The Final Taboo (tape, Trance Port Tapes trance 7, 1984):
Randall Kennedy - Scenes From Redemption (Pts. 1 & 2) (tape, Trance Port Tapes trance 2, 1983):
LA Mantra II (2 cassettes, Trance Port Tapes 8, 1984):

Jonny Zchivago said...

Er....none of these files exist? Is this some kinda cruel hoax Mr Anonymous?
Please explain.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Except the first one on A Drive. Scheesh!

Steve said...

Hey Zchivago-this one is great, as you say.JJL is some kind of "big time" Hollywood somebody or other these days.Yeah, WTF Anonymous?

Jonny Zchivago said...

JJL sold himself to evil corporate propaganda machine? What is the world coming to?....;don't answer that,its almost depressing.

Carlo said...

Here the link for Afterimage - Anthology (tape, Trance Port Tapes trance 6, 1984):

Carlo said...

Here the link for LA Mantra II (2 cassettes, Trance Port Tapes 8, 1984):

sprog said...

all the stuff that came out of Trance Port is great. If it wasn't for the internet and you I would surely never have known about this almost perfect record