Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Klingons – "Beamed Down By Starship Enterprise" (Synthetic Tapes ‎– SYN 3) 1980

Now this is the stuff, real hand played DIY analogue heaven from Scotlands' Klingons; as previously seen here on Die or DIY? with their tape “Analog-Digital”,released after this,and maybe inferior, depending on taste,but still great.
This C-30 from the golden year of 1980 has all the hall marks of electronic Gold, nothing synced out to boredom levels by unfeeling computers, real non-binary emulated analog synths, and  submerged to the point of non-existence hand played drum sounds.
This reminds one of The Sea Of wires,as I could swear they used the exact same synthesisers;this isn't surprising as the choice of budget synths in 1980 wasn't massive,and maybe even included the famous Maplins kit synth?

Track Listing:


B2Wake Me Up For World War 3

DOWNLOAD from the starship enterprise HERE!


Chris S said...

You're on a roll, and I'm lovin' it! Thanks Jonny!

frank maier said...

Very sad to see that you do not mention the fact that this is NOT the full tape but the selection from Vinyl-on-Demand's release Its also a scan I did. It just sucks big time when people use others work without asking
Frank / Vinyl on Demand

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes very sad that I didn't notice that the file I was given was only half of the tape! The scan came from Discogs; as i've scanned many cassette covers I would hardly describe scanning other peoples artwork as my own work in any description of the process.
But its your right to be pissed off.Please don't get the arse Frank;)