Tuesday, 30 December 2014

An Bene / Pierre Lambow ‎– "Sustained Space" (Trance Port Tapes ‎– trance 3) 1983

The tape that gave us the title to the L.A.Mantra compilations was an Eno and Cluster inspired soft blast of droning ambient electronica. Rather pleasant it is too,and even transcends succumbing to the background music tag,which is the fate of many an ambient album."Sustained Space" managed to sustain the listener's interest level with adequate amounts of floating strangeness to stave off the boredom one usually encounters with these type of records.This is not another boring ambient drone record in other words.


A1 Celestial
A2 Primitive Hunt
A3 Raga Riley
A4 L.A. Mantra
B1 No Sun
B2 Robot Jungle
B3 You & Me & I
B4 March To Auschwitz

DOWNLOAD a sustained space HERE!


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