Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Philippe Laurent ‎– "Kunstausstellung" (DTW ‎– DTW 010) 1985

France also gave us the synth-pop dancefloor filler "Hot Bip" by Philippe 'Hot Bip' Laurent. Was it a hit? Because it seems to hound him wherever he goes. Its not even on this cassette but its emblazened on the insert as if thats the only track on the whole album.
As popular as "Hot Bip" was, and still is in the 'hip' parts of Brooklyn, he had to go to a German label to put out his album; the far more German sounding "Kunstausstellung". It still has plenty of huggable synth riffs for the dancefloor,but wrapped up in suffocating duvet of electronic fog.Almost Cluster, as remixed by Trevor Horn on Mogadon. Typically French, however, is the inclusion of "Ideology" in the list of contributive factors from the 'Artiste' himself. Every Frenchman sees himself as some bar-room philosopher, and Philippe is no exception.At least he just lets the machines do the talking;an example which unfortunately not many of his fellow citizens follow. I once went to a party here in France, where a French party goer demanded silence and lectured everybody about universal consciousness;which he was studying at Montpellier University!!!!!?....and they wonder why they have an enormous budget defict the size of a common agricultural policy wine lake!.....naturally this pretentious twat was ridiculed into silence,as the majority were non-french,and drunk.My other dead friend, Uli,lightened the mood with some German philosophy, by falling into the fire(this was not how he died!).
Another thing every French record has on it is the word,singular or plural, 'Oiseu' or 'Oiseux' (Bird or Birds). Who knows why? A common rhyming word perhaps ? Nevertheless,it always crops up,and does so on this tape;but it still fails to dim the fuzzy analogue cuteness of this marvellous cassette.


A1 Exposition 5 7:55
A2 Danse 4 3:00
A3 L'Oiseu Euphorique 8:52
A4 Exposition 6 4:55
B1 Danse 3 5:10
B2 Exposition 3 7:45
B3 Danse 2 2:45
B4 Exposition 1 7:58

DOWNLOAD some french ideology  HERE!?


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