Monday, 12 August 2019

Ananda Shankar ‎– "Ananda Shankar And His Music" (His Master's Voice ‎– ECSD 2528) 1975

I dunno what Uncle Ravi would have to say about the tasty beats that accompany Ananda Shankars funkiest album, but I very nearly started dancing to this once upon a time.
I once had "Streets Of Calcutta" and "Dancing Drums" on bootleg 12" vinyl, and loaned it to low brow Fashion house Red or Dead for their upcoming indian influenced collection show....of course I never saw the fucker again did I?...I kinda understand, because they are rather infectious slabs of rhythmic excellence,with splashes of Indian weirdness. I was also responsible for introducing ,via acquaintences,the near perfection of the 'Motorhead' T-shirt to, 'too clever by 'arf ', Red Or Dead northern fashionista dick,Wayne Hemmingway;which he cunningly modified into "Red Or Dead, England" in place of Motorhead(dunno if royalties were discussed with the lovely Lemmy or not?). So,one was then confronted by scores of 'Townie Clubbers' with what looked like Motorhead Tee's on, like me,but it turned out to be rather trendy Red Or Dead instead. My post-Ironic Challenge to the club scene was now rendered useless.Luckily the opening hours of Pubs were extended around the same time so I didn't have to go to the clubs to get pissed anymore,I could stay in the Pub all night and avoid the unwashed dancing masses for good.
Don't you just detest Fashion fascism? I do!
This is a great album anyway, despite those hideous clubby DJ's inflating its price beyond reason.Don't pay,get it here for fuck all.

A1 Streets Of Calcutta
A2 Cyrus
A3 The Lonely Rider
A4 The River
A5 Vidai (Parting)
A6 Back Home
B1 Dawn
B2 Renunciation
B3 Dancing Drums


bruitiste said...

Secret Chief 3's version of Renunciation is awesome.

icastico said...

Mediafire won't share ;^( - It is a great record.

Jonny Zchivago said...

try again,mediafire will comply if you try several times.