Monday 8 June 2020

Tristram Cary, and The BBC Radiophonic Workshop ‎– "Doctor Who: The Daleks/The Dead Planet" (BBC TV) 1963

Ahhhh, at last it's Lustmord's new dark ambient!......the label says Its Trstram Cary's soundtrack to some television programme from the early sixties,made when Lustmord was still gestating. 
Yep,thanks to Doctor WHO , the BBC Radiophonic Workshop invented 'Dark Ambient' music as well as synth pop,popularizing Musique Concréte and many other means of sound production that the two Brians, Brian Eno and Brain Williams(lustmord), could have only dreamt of when this soundtrack was commisioned nearly sixty years ago!Cary is a greatly ignored God of, no matter If you love or hate the TV programme, the sparse and carefully judged music adds so much menace and atmosphere to this already creepy episode that you are forgiven if you shit yourself...twice!
Doctor Who was a terrifying experience,especially in those monochrome days,but backed up by this creepy music it would have been too much for most children, and most adults, when broadcast at teatime on a saturday evening in the early Sixties. Both myself and Lustmord weren't even born when this Dalek story was first transmitted back in 1963.The world was just waking up to the simplistic jolly melodies of The Beatles,which when Juxtaposed with the sinister sounds of Britains most popular Science Fiction show must have sounded like nursery wonder everybody loved 'em?! 
Doctor Who sounded like real life,whereas Those loveable Moptops represented the average person's dreams and, money,fame, things.....there was none of this stuff on Planet Skaro;just death,repression, fear,radiation, pollution,mutations and disease.....just like modern Earth I hear you say? Indeed, I think the Daleks are a visual metaphor for our future,and Skaro is the future Earth. A stark warning going unheeded. Just listen to the opening Dalek Speech,then contrast and compare that with whats happening today.....

"Look, The Disease has reached us in Here!" says Dalek no.1.
" Is This The End Of The Daleks?", inquires Dalek 2 demurely,.
"We need radiation to survive!" emphasises a now panicing Dalek number 2.
"We will have to explode another Neutron Bomb!",offers Dalek 1.

If that conversation hasn't taken place already in the Whitehouse Bunker then I'm a Dutchman!? (said in a Dalek Voice.....which was achieved,incidently by speaking through a BBC ring modulator.)
I can see that in the near future, when the world population consists of just a few thousand Dalek-like Cyborgs of rich people,who exist on a radiation scorched planet Earth after the MacDonalds sponsored robot wars of the mid-twenty-first century.After the sucessfull invasion of China....the chinese Robots used used cheaper components without full warranty.....the Cyborg elite,all speak with the only voice unit available......oh no, please exterminate us now.....the only human voice we will hear in the future will be a cross between the Daleks Ring-Modulator chic, and Donald Trump's monosylabic anglo-stoopid.Even the Bill Gates and George Soros cyborgs will speak with his voice....I think there will be another war after the next one,consisting largely of suicidal Dalek types,embracing death to get away from the monster that is 'The Donald',who changed his name to 'Davros' creator of the Human Daleks....this is just the start of a very long ending maaaaan!

Just like Donald L.Trump becoming president was predicted on The Simpsons, the Trump inspired fate of our planet was predicted by Dr Who and Tristram Cary provided the soundtrack to it.
He knows what scares you, children. Uncle Tristram KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!......and I'm not just referring to the unmade Science Fantasy movie called "President Donald L.Trump"!?
If that script was offered to the BBC as an episode of Dr Who, it would have been rejected as "Highly Unlikely".....yes the Existence of Cybermen was once thought of as more likely than Donald Trump becoming leader of the Western World!....Uncle Donald knows what scares you and your children kiddies...Uncle Donald KNOWS!!!!!!!!!...sadly Tristram Cary is no longer with us to provide the soundtrack.......maybe Kanye West will do it? that is truly HORRIFIC!!!!!!!

DOWNLOAD from planet skaro HERE!


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Daleks were Mother Theresa compared to the argentinian governments of the last 70 years orso. If you see any of them please send them this way. At least they won't lie so much.
Your blog is an incredible sound library. Chapeau.