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Tristram Cary ‎– "Trios - Live Performance Electronic Music(Trios for synthi VCS3 and turntables)" (Electronic Music Studios Limited) 1971

L-R Robert, Tristram,John, Charlotte and Doris Cary entertaining themselves with some light electronic experimentation of an evening in their suburban abode.

While America were polluting our delicate young minds with atrocious propaganda like The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, The Osmonds, and the acceptable(in the 70's) face of child sexual abuse,The Jackson 5. Britain, had the Cary Family, making Abstract avant-Garde Electronic music for adult kids who didn't know that dancing could be fun, and rhythm can only exist if worked out on a computer. The biggest difference between the Cary's and the Jacksons,apart from, hopefully, the lack of sexual abuse; was the cavernous difference in record the Jacksons sold only a few million copies of their works and the Cary's sold even less,something like 250,no not 250 thousand.....two hundred and fifty,give or take the odd warped copy?
Well, us intellectuals (wink wink), know that shagging your kids is wrong, and that dancing makes one look like a fool. Self-consciousness is a lingering symptom of intelligence,so its good to let yourself go every now and again, no-one's gonna be watching you......then you look up after recreating John Travolta's famous strutting dance scene from Saturday Night Fever, and find out that they ARE looking at you.....and quite correctly, Laughing!?
You're on much safer ground with a huge synthesizer,a computer,a locked door and a few turntables.
"TRIOS" was first performed at the Cheltenham Festival......I assume that's the famous Cheltenham Horse Racing Festival? In which case I would love to see some film of hundreds of Drunken Irish race goers encountering this stuff for the first time; a far better audience to encounter than preaching to the converted,chin-stroking massive on the South Bank,or the Rives Gauche. Intellectual Ghetto's are not to be lets form one?
Tristam handled the VCS3, and his sons,John and Robert, did the turntablism.....I'd like to think that Charlotte and Doris got their tuppenny's worth in also?
The VCS3, I imagine was supplied by Tristram's partner in the EMS record label, inventer Peter Zinovieff,who created some of the wildest Synthesizers known to man.
All the tracks are rather short excursions into bleepy knob twisting territory, giving Napalm Death a run for their money in how to fit in as many tracks as possible on a 33rpm 12 incher,.....although there's nothing here to rival Napalm's one second magnum opus, "You Suffer",a classic of any genre may I suggest?


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DOWNLOAD the tristram cary family band HERE!

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