Friday, 3 March 2017

The Prefects - "Peel sessions 1978-79" (a Die or DIY? compilation)

The Nightingales were ,of course, once, non-stereotypical 'punk' Group, The Prefects. They even got a birth on The Clash's 'White Riot Tour',with the Slits,and The Subway Sect.The tour that more than anything else spread the seeds of Indie music to fester. Mainly thanks to the Prefects and Subway sect rather than the Clash.
As punk groups from Birmingham went, we had The Killjoys, who sang in a cockney accent(?), and The Prefects, who sang in that classic slovenly brummy drawl, complete with rounded consonants.Its a rule that local Punk groups should sound like where they come from.Its Fook Off rather than Fak Off.
They never released a record in their lifetime, except a posthumous single on Rough Trade that was culled from these Peel sessions.
They obviously were too intelligent to carry on in the limiting 'Punk' groove, and went on to greater, and less popular things in the magnificent Nightingales

01 Things In General (11-08-78) 3:09
02 Escort Girls (11-08-78) 1:37
03 Bristol Road Leads To Dachau (11-08-78) 10:08
04 Agony Column (11-08-78) 2:59
05 Going Through The Motions (08-01-79) 5:02
06 Faults (08-01-79) 1:35
07 Total Luck (08-01-79) 4:21
08 Barbarellas (08-01-79) 1:34
09 625 Lines (Live 1978 Bonus) 1:30
10 VD (Live 1978 Bonus) 0:13


Tone scientist said...

Great discovery for me! Thank you for this (among a lot of others!).

jezc said...

Thank you again - another great piece of Birmingham music history

Nihil Yung said...

I never put two and two together. I like the Prefects. They took a lot of shit undeserved... but the Nightingales are well, hell you said it already. That blows the mind all over the drapes.

Anonymous said...

I was very happy to find this here as well - as the other users already did!!
Didn't even know that they had a second peel session!
Thanks a lot for this - much appreciated!
Only have there Single release on Vinyl.