Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Witness ‎– "I Am John's Pancreas" (Ron Johnson Records ‎– ZRON 12) 1986

Atonal, Angular, Discordant, drum machine driven pop from Stockports finest alternative music combo........its a classic.....can't be arsed to write ought else.


A1 Smelt Like A Pedestrian
A2 O'Grady's Dream
A3 Car Skidding
A4 Red Snake
A5 Dipping Bird
B1 Sharpened Sticks
B2 The Loudhailer Song
B3 Legs Be Sturdy
B4 4.49 Stool
B5 Hard Days Love

Bonus Track
Red Snake 12" version


Matt Chandler said...

Hey man, thanks so much for this! This album rips! I read John Robb's 'Death to Trad Rock' book pretty recently and have been seeking out a bunch of the stuff you've been posting these last couple weeks. Lots of great music and a scene that I knew almost nothing about until coming across that book. Thanks! Was wondering maybe if you had any Membranes that you could share with us when or if you get a chance? What little I've heard of them has been rad, been its been tough to find much . . . . Anyways, thanks again for everything. Really appreciate all you've done.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi matt,
I'm posting the first two albums from The Membranes, and their only peel session...after 1986 they weren't so good.
I guess you're from the States? All of these groups never got any exposure in the U.S. at all...even in the UK all we wanted was all that Touch and Go type stuff, like Stratch Acid,Big Black,Killdozer.....we didn't really do the rock end of the spectrum in the British isles after 1983,so imported it and ignored all these great groups!?....then Acid House finally buried 'em,and also the interest in American Alt Rock too....which got repackaged as 'Grunge'??....John Robb released a fine album by ArtPhag called "Gods Of Grunge" long before the label was applied to all those long haired twats from Seattle.

Matt Chandler said...

Right on man! Thanks for The Membranes stuff and also for the historical perspective. I am indeed from the states and it seems the only bands mentioned in that book that ever really got any sort of following here are The Ex and Dog Faced Hermans. I've been a huge fan of both for as long as I can remember and its been very exciting to learn that those two bands were really just the tip of the iceberg for a much larger scene of likeminded freaks. Its weird that bands like Big Flame, A Witness, Nightengales, etc. are as obscure as they are, but I feel pretty lucky getting to hear them a little late in the game as opposed to not at all. Color me stoked!

Thank you once again for all you do here. Your work is much appreciated! Cheers!

KD said...

Thank You Very Much!

Anonymous said...

"I am Jack's Colon":