Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Screamers - "Demo's 1977-78"

The second Synth Punk group,after Suicide of course,were The Screamers,from L.A., but i don't think they had any bona fide synthesisers in the line up. It was all distorted thrift store organs, and real drums; but Synth-punk this is.
What made them extra great is the fact that they didn't release any records, and relied on building their legend by performing Live, theatrical shows, and making video's. Some would say that this was ahead of their time, and they'd be right.
By spurning rock cliché, rejecting guitars, and not playing the record company game, this is pure no sell-out punk rock, and a definite influence on bands like Nervous Gender.

Track Listing:

1. The Beat Goes On
2. Thru the Flames (She Frightens)
3. Sex Boy
4. (If I Can't Have What I Want) I Don't Want Anything
5. She's the Girl (The Girl In The Car With The Glasses And The Gun)
6. I Wanna Hurt
7. 122 Hours Of Fear (1)
8. 122 Hours Of Fear (2)
9. Punish Or Be Damned
10. Government Love Affair (Don't Pay The Whore)
11. Peer Pressure
12. In A Better World
13. Vertigo
14. Magazine Love
15. It's A Violent World

All tracks recorded "live" in one session in Summer 1978.
Produced By Geza X, recorded on a 4-track.

DOWNLOAD this screamer HERE!


Unknown said...

Joe from Nervous Gender here. The screamers instrument line up included Electric piano, Drums and the Arp Odyssey Synthesizer. Tommy Gear played the Synth.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thank you Joe.
They had an ARP Odyssey did they? Very impressive.
Love Nervous Gender. Have you seen the Live tapes/radio appearances on Noise addiction II?

Kit said...

First pressing red/black cover. There was a second pressing with blue/black cover. Blue colored vinyl.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Mmmmm, blue vinyl.Slurp!