Sunday, 5 March 2017

The Killjoys - " Demos,Peel Sessions, Live, and Singles 1977-78" (a Die or DIY? Compilation)

As previously mentioned ,Birmingham spawned two reasonably well known second wave punk groups in 1977; the excellent Prefects, and the somewhat less excellent Killjoys, fronted by one of the few punk frontmen with naturally curly hair.
The killjoys managed one pretty decent single on the near perfect Raw records, and a couple of other tunes for the label compilation "A Raw Deal", but quickly descended into trying to write 'competent' pop songs like the ones in their second Peel Session from 1978.
This was a nasty habit that infected Kevin Rowland for most of the eighties and beyond, as he became the living embodiment of the oft used phrase; "like punk never happened".
Especially during Dexy's hillbilly phase! Probably thee worst ever band image ever imposed on the listening public, alongside "Come On Eileen" being admissible for evidence for crimes against humanity in the international court of human rights.
OMFG!? Rowlands throaty whine fills me with an unstoppable desire to slice my ears off and fill the remaining holes with sound absorbent insulation foam.
Hard to believe that our Kevin was once the angry looking sneery focal point for Brum's second ever punk band. 
Not only did the vocalist go on to create great aural evil, the female bass player, Ghislaine, went on to commit more crimes against rock in New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Band 'Girlschool'!! .....terrible stuff.

Track Listing:

01 Naive(Raw Single 1977)
02 Johnny Won't Go To Heaven(Raw Single 1977)
03 At Night(Alternative Take 1977)
04 Recognition(alternative Mix 1977)
05 At Night (Rough Mix 1977)
06 Back to Front[Peel Session 11-10-77)
07 Naive[Peel Session 11-10-77]
08 Recognition[Peel Session 11-10-77)
09 At Night [Peel Session 11-10-77]
10 Spit On Me[Peel Session 01-02-78]
11 Smoke Your Own[Peel Session 01-02-78]
12 All The Way[Peel Session 01-02-78]
13 Ghislaine[Peel Session 01-02-78]
14 Recognition[Studio Demos 18-10-1977]
15 Back to front[Studio Demos 18-10-1977]
16 At night[Studio Demos 18-10-1977]
17 Is That What She Said (Live 1978)
18 Johnny Won't Get To Heaven (Live 1977)
19 At Night (Raw Deal compilation 1977)
20 Recognition (Raw Deal compilation 1977)
21 Naive (Unedited Version)
22 Johnny Won't Get To Heaven (Unedited Version)

DOWNLOAD to kill your joy HERE!


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