Saturday, 11 March 2017

A Witness ‎– "I Love You, Mr Disposable Razors" (Vinyl Drip International ‎– SUK 10) 1989

For the completists out there,here's the contrived farewell single from A Witness, with a prime example of what crud was happening in music around the dark days of 'Madchester' stuck on the b-side. The 'art' of the remix had started,and they were nearly ALL shit, and a total rip off and/or cop out. I quite liked Vince Clarkes remix of  "Wrote For Luck" by the sub-moronic Crappy Mondays, but apart from that....shit.
On BBC 4 last night, i was gobsmacked to see listed an hour long documentary on ,so-called, 'Classic Albums', and couldn't believe it when the album in question, was the worst album of all time, "Screamadelica". Seeing the persons responsible for this crime against culture, talking deadly serious and pretentious nonsense about this terrible affront to civilization , as if it was up there with Beethoven's Ninth, or Michaelangelo's Sistene Chapel frescoes (before renovation);left me open mouthed in astonishment.... Fuck Me! Gillespie probably thinks he is Beethoven and Michaelangelo reincarnated.Come back in the form of the lank haired scottish poseur genius himself to punish us.
How they droned on about that fucking terrible "Loaded" Andy Wetherall remix, as if it was some kind of genius, was nothing short of sickening.I had to stop this self-torture and go and do something more intellectually stimulating, like have a shit!
Indeed, A Witness did one of these things on track three, that makes "Loaded" look like the act of genius Bobby Gillespie thinks it is, and the genius that he thinks he is.
Despite the contrived surrealism of the title track, and the dumb crapness of the remix; the version of the song that began modern pop music, "Tomorrow Never Knows", is a pretty decent attempt at a genuine classic, so 3/10 isn't too bad after all,or, after Weatherall.
A Witness fell off a cliff after this,as their guitarist and band leader Rick Aitkin literally did the same and died!

A1 I Love You, Mr Disposable Razors
B1 Tomorrow Never Knows
B2 Razors Lifestyle Mix

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I really like this song.