Wednesday, 8 March 2017

A Witness ‎– "One Foot In The Groove EP" (Ron Johnson Records ‎– ZRON30) 1988

A very listenable EP from the later incarnation of 'A Witness' with a human drummer. It has a couple of tracks that have that 'I'm sure I've heard this before' quality about them,like Macca felt when he wrote 'Yesterday'. The Riff to 'Raw Patch' had to have been written before surely..... but it hasn't. It has that classic simplicity like an Indie 'Smoke On The Water'.
"Zip Up" would also have been an indie classic if it had come out a year earlier, but unfortunately this record along with every good group in 1988 got swamped by the drugged up dancing hordes of the Magic Roundabout,or whatever those blissed out Chav's and 'luvved up' former football hooligans called the M25 London orbital motorway? 
I can confirm that A Witness never resorted to shaking a tambourine,dusting off the Wah-Wah and getting 'Funky'.They just split up and left all that nonsense to fellow c-86 band Primal fucking Scream.


A1 Raw Patch
A2 Faglane Morris Wind
B1 Zip Up
B2 Nodding Dog Moustache

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