Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The Shrubs ‎– "Take Me Aside For A Midnight Harangue" (Ron Johnson Records ‎– ZRON 23) 1987

What did I say about not allowing The Shrubs to do an LP?....this would have made three great EP's.
The Beefheart Influence looms large, leaning towards an amphetamine fueled Magic Band 'Shiny Beast" era. Morris-Teper rather than Horn Rollo; but whereas the good Captain took a break from the manic-ness  with the occasional poem,field recording, or calm instrumental. The Shrubs are in top gear for nigh on the full 13 Tracks, only ending with a calming Peon-esque instrumental.
However, the music is fantastic; the guitar interplay is worthy of The Magic Band itself, filtered through a very English psyche! There can be no higher compliment than that.


A1 Mysterious Places 2:58
A2 Luke 2:20
A3 Fashion Show 3:33
A4 Middle Men 3:52
A5 Claykiln Mouth 3:35
A6 Blackmailer's Heartache 3:11
A7 Rivers Of Toads Flow Forever 3:24
B1 Sinister Missions 3:06
B2 John Corpse 3:57
B3 Hail Chauffeurs 4:28
B4 Serial Revelry 2:42
B5 Farmers 4:45
B6 Edith 4:04
B7 Albert Ross 0:54


GRK. said...

Thanks for all the Shrubbery.

badgerstump said...

I bought this and Full Steam when they came out. Made me dig the vinyl out again ...

Shiny Beast and Bat Chain reminded a generation of young upstarts that they needed to listen to The Captain.

great band ... great singer ... great posts

(one of those maybe booby-trapped)

Scraps said...

You probably don't like it, but: do you have Vessels of the Heart?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi Scraps,...yes I do have Vessels of the Heart......and I do like it nowadays.....i'll upload it for you when i get back off my may have to remind me.

Scraps said...

Well thank you!

Scraps said...

hi: Here is your reminder (very late; I forgot) for Vessels of the Heart.

If you already uploaded it, and I missed it, sorry!


Jonny Zchivago said...

Just uploading it now...will paste link here.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Here you go, hurry up before it disappears:

Scraps said...

Thank you very much; I'm downloading it now.

I'm very grateful.