Monday, 19 October 2015

Paul Shorthouse - "Push Button Animal" (Quick Stab PROD 3) 1980

Another of the frequent contributors to the 5XOD family tree was Bristolian chum Paul Shorthouse;who's predeliction towards Jazzy guitar, proggy noodlings,and, even more disturbingly, Mike Oldfield style 'Double Speed Guitar', make this tape more Post-Prog rather than Post-Punk. The title, "Push Button Animal" must refer to pressing 'Play' and 'Record' on the cassette deck rather than buttons on a synthesiser. Very representative of the lost generation caught between 1973 and 1978, who still had long-ish hair,beards and bought the reformed Van Der Graaf Generator mark 2 albums (and why not?Brilliant records,but not bought by new wavers). The Mike Oldfield-isms can be overlooked, and one can focus on the ambient free experimentalism and improvisation revealing a thinly veiled taste for Ornette Coleman and the Free Jazz movement.
Being a Punk Outsider was a definite advantage,allowing a person to admit to his real tastes and influences.The real joy about Post-Punk was its lack of 'Punk Rock' which had become a musical version of 'The Village' from the cult TV series 'The Prisoner'. If you tried to escape, that Punk Rock Balloon thing would come and drag you back. Remember the uproar when Johnny Rotten did that Capital radio show, and admitted he liked Neil Young, Jethro Tull and van der Graaf?
Paul Shorthouse was one of those who stood up,albeit in an obscure understated way, and sang "I am Not a Number, I'm a Free Jazz man!"......Now bring on that Double speed Guitar.....and at LAST! TUBULAR BELLS*!
(*great album,by the way,and the second album i ever bought!?...after Slade's "Old,New,Borrowed and Blue"....i've always been an eclectic twat,sorry?)


A1Ear Opener 1/2
A3Home Run
A4Pete's Dilemma
A5C.W.C.P. (Christopher's Whipped Cream Profiteroles)
B1Plastic Surgery
B2Need Your Love
B3All The Poison
B4Push Button Animal
B5Chicken Wing
B75am Job
B9Wicked Wanda

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Unknown said...

Hi Jonny - another day, another joy for us in super-obscuro land!
I can tell you that the title came from Scientology - not that I've delved into it - but Paul knew a bit and knew of their concept of man as a PBA. Googled this -

in which the term is used: "Control, Responsibility and Freedom in the Church of Scientology .... repressed from doing without his own rational consent, he becomes a push-button animal."

There is so much to say about this tape - the recording of a discussion about where a house mate of Rob's (for it was all recorded at the Quick Stab HQ in a basement flat in Bristol) had disappeared to (he didn't want to see someone who was visiting him) and the use of a bought porno cassette - Wicked Wanda - where she says how playing a Sax can set her off!! This was our first effort at recording a studio tape together, after which came Broken Pipes Exposed 4 and 5. Many thanks. Rob

Jonny Zchivago said...

Blimey, never suspected an L. ron Hubbard connection there. Good stuff.I did have 'Dianetics' on the book shelf for about a decade, but never read it.Probably a good thing.
Thanks for the snippet of info/background to this tape.
Jonny "Push Button" Zchivago

Judas Vigilante said...

I've had dianetics in one of the bookcases for about 18 years and haven't read it either
Still l ron got my money all the same. Lol

Jonny Zchivago said...

Luckily I bought my copy from an animal charityshop for 50p. So the despicable cult never got my pennies. I think i'll start reading it!

Unknown said...

don't want to turn into Push Button animals, or clockwork oranges, or Man Machines - hang on!!

Jonny Zchivago said...

The trouble is Rob, I think i am.....i'm constantly pushing buttons. Its the next step of evolution i stopping it......Cometh the Cyborg!?

Anonymous said...

thanks for this cool obscure oddity