Friday, 16 October 2015

MAP - "MAP 7 no.9 (Sum [Over] Load Headphone Musik)" - (Map Tapes MAP 7) 1981

If your headphone musik of choice is the theme to Pac-man as played by Jandek,and remixed by Minoy, then you're in luck.That's the first track,followed by a the Theroretical Girls do Asteroids.Throbbing Gristle does Space invaders,The Residents weird up Donkey Kong, and Brian Eno does an ambient Super Mario.Some tracks even sound like an accurate field recording of someone playing 'pong'(the earliest video game) while Whitehouse rehearse in the apartment below. It really does sound like this! All in glorious lo-bit shit-fi.Can it really get any better than this?

Track Listing:

01 A.C.C.C.C.C.
02 Abbatoir
03 The Invisible Song
04 Daft Vacant Meets the Princess
05 Tangled Mind
06 Review
07 Probe Droidxalpha 1
08 Of The & The
09 'Q'
10 Saigon
11 11 TR
12 The Endless Tunnel
13 Cleaning Up
14 Some Testcard Music


Rob Lawrence said...

Hi Jonny -
I've a request from THE MAP HIMSELF!!
He totally loves what you've done but
he asks if the address that's given on the cassette sleeves could be removed!
He has a solid reason for asking.
I guess it just means a bit of re-scanning.
I know, when I've put images up on myspace and Soundcloud, I've always had to remove address references - parent's house etc.
Hope that's ok.
It is amazing that you got a complete collection of MAP7s!!
All the ebst, Rob

Jonny Zchivago said...

I am honoured indeed. I shall just photoshop my scans to erase the address. i am away at the moment,but will do it when i return after the weekend.
Cheers JZ.