Thursday, 8 October 2015

MAP - "MAP 7 No.2 (Synthsong pt.2?)" (MAP Tapes MAP7) 1981

A Casio VL tone freak out,like your retro computer game had taken LSD and had just enough pocketmoney left to buy a cheap cassette to record itself in glorious Mono.The perfect antidote to the technological operating theatre we have today,where everyone and his granny has an all singing all dancing digital multitrack recording facility.Everyone can make Tubular Bells 2 in a spare hour of an evening,and its incredibly difficult to make it sound anything other than fantastic and polished. This is why this sounds so great now, compared with how bad it sounded in 1981. It takes real effort to achieve this overloaded, fuzzy, hissy, cheapo-ness was relatively easy in 1981,all helped by lack of public interest and lack of money. 'Twas a complicated chemical formula that evolved by glorious accident around 1979 to 1982,only now receiving cult appreciation 35 years hence. Revel in the human warmth of the sequencer-less,un-edited, real time finger playing, and the charming field recording feel capturing life in a DIY musicians bedroom in those obscure days of 1981.


01 The Day of the Driver
02 Artificial Church
03 S.T. Briavels
04 Warehouse
05 23 Black Girls in Stevenage
06 The Night of the Pedestrian

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Rob Lawrence said...

You've dun MAP real proud! Many thanks. Rob 5X0D