Thursday, 15 October 2015

MAP - "MAP 7 No.8 (Track one,side one is Dedicated To The U.S.A." (Map Tapes MAP7) 1981

This one's got three cover versions on it,including a rare cover version of one of Throbbing Gristle's greatest hits, "Hamburger Lady",here shortened to just "Hamburger. Instantly recogniseable for me was the Siouxsie and the Banshees album opener "Mirage", which i admit to knowing all the words, as one played "The Scream" to death in 1978; for me they broke up in '79, the reformed versions were bloody terrible! Roxy Music were the glam band that inspired everyone,albeit secretly in the punk and beyond era. Forget Richard Hell, Television,and The New York Dolls(Glam hangers on basically), it was Bowie, Glitter,and Roxy that made the kids open to Punk Rock and what followed it (with a fair smattering of Dr Feelgood too). Of all the american proto-punkers that held any real influence, only The Ramones contributed anything to the UK scene, that being the three and a half chord thrash template for '77 Punk, along with the biker jacket.....although thats nothing to be proud of. Bowie had a spikey haircut,dyed orange, while long haired Dickie Hell was still in reform school. Roxy prepared the kids for making music like this, on MAP 7,with their art school experimentation,due largely to patron saint of Non-Musicians,....Eno. There are few music type people who you only refer to by their sir names?....We got Mozart, Beethoven,Dylan,and...Eno? (I suppose there's Bendle too,but no-ones heard of him? Buy his book and find out more!)
This is why track one is dedicated to the U.S.A.?.....or is it because of the dumber than thou Redneck infested Bible Belt?
After droning on about where punk rock really came from,as everyone likes to philosophize at length about, lets talk about MAP 7's fucking great! Nuff said.

DOWNLOAD the eighth commandment of map HERE!


Pisŧöff said...


Hey- you got knocked out of the #1 slot by a vaping company-

Thought you might like to know.


Unknown said...

Hmmm, when I click on the link for the download, it directs me to a page that says the page "encountered an error" and to "try again later". I really gotta hear these bizarro covers of Siousxie, Roxy, and TG. Let me know if this error can be fixed. HUGE fan of the blog, thanks in advance!

Jonny Zchivago said...

well i dunno whats going on there Douglas? Seems alright from this end. maybe, refreshing browser, and trying again later may help?
If you still have a problem, i'll upload it to mediafire.I wouldn't want to deprive you of yer bizarro covers.

Unknown said...

Ah, it turns out that I was trying to download on a wifi network (at a coffee shop) that has draconian internet restrictions that barred me from going on Mediafire, downloading from Google Drive, etc. The download worked perfectly for me once I got home. Cheers anyways

Jonny Zchivago said...

Boycott that coffee shop!