Wednesday, 14 October 2015

MAP - "Map 7 no.7 (There's A War Going On!)" (Map Tapes MAP7) 1981

By now i'm running out of adjectives,nouns and pronouns to describe this wonderful music,but i'll still give it a go,and I may run o'er old ground so please forgive me.
It can remind one of playing super mario, yes. It can, and does, sound like an inkjet printer cranking up ready to squirt its vile fluid, even if it was made in a dot-matrix epoch.Compared to modern electronic tech, this is the anti-matter sound equivalent of the Gang of Four switching back to Transistor powered amps from the tiresomely vaunted Valves. Which may seem strange from a person who detests the square waves of digital synthesis, but if one were to strive to replicate MAP's production values today, it would have much the same effect as Andy Gill's harsh staccato chopping through those harsh unforgiving transistors of the 1970's.
Well I tried!?

Track Listing:

01 Drowning / Lifeboat / Fear of Drowning
02 Process System 3
03 Johnny and the Two Bar Electric Fire
04 Don't Flirt with Fascism
05 Acid Burns
06 Let Me In
07 Process System 4
08 Stirs Eden
09 Rampant Rampton
10 Propaganda
11 Tranquility
12 Loving Avoid!
13 The Truth About Unemployment Pt.2
14 Let Me Out

DOWNLOAD a useful map at last HERE!

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