Sunday, 11 October 2015

MAP - "MAP 7 No.5 (Boogie on Down!)" (MAP Tapes MAP7) 1981

The tape opens with what would make a very fine tune for my funeral as my cardboard coffin disappears behind the curtain,and the small audience shuffle out of the crematorium.
Death is the overriding theme here as there's a track called "Death" which dominate side two; ending on a lighter note with an amusing interview of mark Phillips performed by the enigmatic Suisse.
Musically its more of the same inventive lo-fi electronica interspersed with the occasional discordant guitar. 

Track Listing:

01 Accidental Death of a Resident
02 Glamour
03 I've Always Wanted To Call It This
04 The Gangrene Refugee
05 Process System 1
06 Dum
07 Death
08 Process System 2
09 The New Utopian
10 Interview


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