Sunday, 4 October 2015

Five Times Of Dust (5XOD) ‎– "Yum Yum Music" (Stichting Stopcontact ‎– CC9) 1984

More inventive minimal electronica from our fav minimal electronica act 5XOD. This time on a Dutch cassette label,which is slightly different to the UK version,which apparently included a program for the zx Spectrum.The Irony of this stuff is that around 1984 this would have been thought of as 'old fashioned' as the 'cutting edge' Electronic acts moved towards the digital era,forsaking actual 'electronic' sounds in favour of simulated trumpets,and other aural atrocities. In the second decade of the 21st century this now sounds, ironically, contemporary, if not still slightly futuristic. Retro-futurism at its zenith; an eighties computer game soundtrack that the kids dance to at the discothéque.If the kids actually interact with each other physically nowadays that is?

A1Can You See Me Now?
A2Negative Terminal
A4Plastische Taschen
A5The Mainframe
A6Yellow Luv
B1Computers Are In Control
B2The Lollipop Song
B3Wall Of Numbers
B4Estate Children
B5Girl With A Vdu (Part 2)

DOWNLOAD and make a yummy sound HERE!


Tingis said...

Thanks for your eccellent work always full of surpises - this group is one my favourite.
Do you have something of Ideas beyond filth? The only thing I have is Huash
Tingis LaPelleMutaBlog
PS i agree with you about the voice of edward k Spelle!!!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi, sorru no IBF at all.
At least we can form an unfan club for Eddie K Spelle.

Tim Space Debris said...

This is fucking gold Johnny!

Normnoia said...

t h a n k y o u for this/everything and print me up a card for the Alfred E. Shpiel unfan club. i tried to listen for years but he wilts my aural weenie.

Vaykorus said...

Thanks, thanks, thanks.. nice album.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what else do you have in the vaults that we have no idea that exist. Thanks for sharing this passion.

Rob said...

Tim (above) is right - check out the asking price on Discogs!!!