Saturday, 10 October 2015

MAP - "MAP 7 No.4 (The Grand Finale?)" (MAP Tapes MAP7) 1981

More sound fuck uppery that begins, appropriately with "Upfuck",which has vocals that sound as if they were recorded through the intercom system of a Lancaster Bomber on its way to the Ruhr valley to drop a bouncing bomb on Polydor records.(not that Polydor was ever based in this industrialised shithole in Germany,but it fits the background picture nicely.....the home of the late James Last ).
All this happens as the Casio VL tone cheapo keyboard on board rhythm unit  pounds a relentlessly Mickey Mouse smokeless beat.
Bizarrely, this is sub-titled 'the grand Finale',even though there's 6 more tapes to come of this Circuit frying sub-genius.There's even a cover of a Chrome tune thrown in on the deal!

Track Listing:

01 Upfuck
02 Vanity Theme / Onslaught
03 Soak My Head
04 Grapes
05 Electric Chair
06 Crisis One

DOWNLOAD the grand finale finally HERE!


Nick said...

Downloaded and am listening to it as I write.
Really very impressed, it's a triumph of imagination over budget and technology.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, let this be a lesson to the lazy teched up generation responsible for what passes for electronic music today.I suppose it helped that there was very little history of experimental synth pop in 1981...and there is a lot of electronic music around today that is rather excellent....i just like slagging off 'Now'...i did then and i do now....thats what keeps things fresh innit?
Yes, this is great,and so are the other nine volumes of MAP 7.....all made in 1981....and he made other cassettes that year too!

Bence said...

I 100% agree. Thanks so much for these rare cassettes! Great sound!

Anonymous said...

i thank you for these