Saturday, 9 May 2015

M.NOMIZED ‎– "El Nilam" (Fraction Studio ‎– fs 3) 1983

Here's M. Nomized's biog from discogs:"Multi-talented artist from Paris, France: musician, composer, painter, puppeteer."???.....Nearly everyone in France has either Philosopher,poet,Clown, or puppeteer on their CV; and proud of it,boastful even! And it appears that Michel Madrange (his real,and better name) is no exception. a puppeteer and Proud. If there's four things you don't want invading your personal aura, its Philosophers,poets,Clowns, or France this is positively encouraged(?), and fucking subsidised!? In the local summer village festivals we are inundated by Clowns,who are roundly ignored; my nearest small town even has a Poetry festival,with Poets walking the streets reading poetry out loud.I've even witnessed ballet dancers dancing to......fuck me......Poetry! Pretentious Toi? 
I also notice that Monsieur Nomized has indulged(he was in some ethno band called Dhisma,pronounced Dismal?) in that other French vice, embracing the Ethnic to deny colonial guilt and thinly veiled racism(not that Michel is in this category)..."Racist?, j'adore la musique d'Afrique et le reggae!".
Amidst the Clowns and jugglers lurk a majority of balloon pant wearing,dread locked Bob Marley fans,otherwise know as the 'French Hippi'e.Frequently seen getting down like the zombies in 'the Night of the Living Dead' to some awful French World Music/Reggae crossover act.
This is the Living Hell that I live amongst.
Thankfully M.Nomized has some redeeming qualities,despite the puppetry, that are rare among Les Francais.Namely a nifty line in Minimal synth noodlings, that the unimaginative can pop into the 'Experimental' category.
He's released about 100 cassettes apparently,but there's no excuse for calling the great Jacques Brel a Connard!......probably because JB was in fact a Belgian, just like most famous French singers(...and electronic acts).

Track listing:

A2Euqnam Ne 1
A4Eugnam 2
A6Enfant Mort
A7New York 83
A9Sombre Jour
B3El Nilam
B7Jacques Brel Connard

DOWNLOAD some normal french pretentiousness HERE!

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