Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Das Ding ‎– "Highly Sophisticated Technological Achievement" (Stichting Update Materials) 1982

Das Ding Das Ding went the bell!
Did someone mention Das Ding? Well, just so 'appens that this highly sophisticated technological achievement has popped up from my hard drive. Dutch Minimal synth that emphasises both the minimal and synth aspects,dangling in plenty of space to tease your ganglions.
The Dark side starts with dark ride through the frozen streets of Nazi atrocity village Oradour sur Glane. And having visited this site myself,it really does evoke walking through the streets of this French village that the SS razed to the ground (including its inhabitants,Women. Children and old men) in revenge for Resistance activity in the area.It remains to this day as it was the moment those naughty SS men left,Tut Tut Tut!
I may add this track to the video i shot,like the ghoulish tourist bastard I admittedly am!
Basically what i'm trying to say is that this tape is fantastically good; you could even dance to the Bright Side if you're trendy enough?


Dark Side
A1Oradour, Sur Glane
A2Sad But True
A3Parental Malpractice
Bright Side
B3Reassurance Ritual

Das DOWNLOAD with todays highly sophisticated technology HERE!


'Space Debris' said...

Loving your work. This post had me laughing out loud.

I'm probably not trendy enough to use the acronym for that phrase that the kids are so fond of.

I shall download this right away.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, inadvisable to use any annoying acronym at all in fact. I even had trouble in my band days saying 'Mike',gig and 'Amp'; it was alway Microphone, concert, and Amplifier.
I ive in France and even here all the kids say Lol OMG and Swag without having the slightest clue of the literal translation of this incredibly dumb newspeak.
Hope you like Das Ding...there's more tonight....LOFL

the saucer people said...

Yerp, twas me that went Das Ding! (we were discussing Dutch acts that the English could name). Great music - I had a slight obsession with them a while back and it is great to see the tapes posted here (I am guessing they are from the years old post on No Longer Forgotten blog but forgive me if not) - Like Cybe this is yet another Dutch early eighties electronic marvel (though Cybe obviously have the number one spot for all eternity).

Weirdly, this cassette release has no catalogue number and there seems to be very little information about the label 'Stiching Update Materials' though a 2014 reissue of the tape is for sale and the label itself was releasing material from 1981 to 1989 according to Discogs.

According to the sadly defunct No Longer Forgotten blog, the source of this tape, the man behind the label was Martin Hoogeboom who recorded and released his own music on the label as part of the band 'Dier' as well as the occasional solo project.

A Discogs entry says he is still recording, and releasing music on the 'EU13' compilations by the Dutch label Motok and most recently, in 2014, a digital only 'EP' on the Greek label 'Etched Traumas' called 'Colony'.

The American Minimal Wave label actually reissued some tracks off this tape and the Stitching Update Materials tape on a compilation of Das Ding in 2009 and again in 2012 called 'H.S.T.A.' - the label discovered the artist through the post at No Longer Forgotten Music back in 2007 (see the wheels go around and around...)

The two tracks from this cassette that appear on the 2009/2012 compilation 'H.T.S.A.' released on Minimal Wave (Cat# MW019), are the title track and 'Reassurance Ritual'. Both tracks are remastered versions and as far as I can tell, not remixed in anyway.

320 Rip of compilation for the three people who will D/L it

'Space Debris' said...

Jonny I'm so untrendy I've never even heard of swag!
Unless it's a thing you roll up when you go camping.

In Australia we used to have swagmen.
Meaning homeless man living in the bush.
When I was a kid in a country town there was one down by the river. We didn't think of them of homeless or losers though. They were swagmen, carrying on a tradition and a noble way of life.

I think there's still a couple givin it a crack.

Back to the music.
Parental Malpractice is amazing and that last one.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed, Swag was something written on the bag of booty that a cartoon burglar had slung over his shoulder...a swagbag if you will.
But, i am reliably informed, Swag means how one holds oneself displaying a certain 'Attitude', short for Swagger! The local small town/village near me in the peasant belt of southern France, now has a Coiffure's called ,in big silver letters, "SWAG".....things are getting that bad.