Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Stefan Tischler and Blair Petrie ‎– "Gorgons And Gargoyles" (Cinematics) 1986

Port Said's Stefan Tischlers collaboration with one Blair Petrie (late of Canadian Synth Punk combo the Shriek), is a kind of a soundtrack without a film; probably more appropriate would be a contemporary dance score without a contemporary Ballet company to dance to it. I can visualise lots of pretentious choreography,emotions portrayed in the medium of Dance, and muscular torment accompanying this collection of rhythmically ambient electronica. As it was made in 1986 the sound is occasionally sullied by the odd FM digital preset horn section,but quite a few tasty analogue sounds remain,so the experience is not an unpleasant one.
So dig out your leotard, tights and muscle vest,and get down to some contemporary dance moves while Tischler and Petrie challenge you to express their pain.


A1The Expected One
A2Gorgons & Gargoyles
A3Woman In The Dunes
A4The Nightrider
A5Down Of The Spice Route
B2Souls In Waiting
B3Minotaur In Crete

DOWNLOAD to release the gorgon HERE!

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