Sunday, 3 May 2015

Cybe ‎– "Positive Movement Muzak / New Age Synthesis" (Sonic Report ‎– SR 2001) 1981

Dutch Minimal Synth rarity by Cybe. Jam packed with fast attack electronic stabs, squelches and beeps, with lush fields of electronic wheat swaying in the voltage controlled wind.
Split into two different sides, side A, "Positive Movement Muzak", is the more ambient,cinematic half;which allows the ARP Odessey to weave its haunting spell like a choir of  white noise witches from the north.
Side B, "New Age Synthesis" is the superior minimal synth side, with analogue sounds that slap you in the face with their 'Phat' crispness, and slice through ones inner ear with the sharpness of a Stanley knife..
Such fresh electronic beauty is  a joy to behold, and the fact it hasn't been deflowered by any vocals make this even purer to these ears.

DOWNLOAD from cybe-r space HERE!


Alan Burns said...

Brilliant stuff, another real find!

the saucer people said...

You have surpassed yourself on this one - I have to admit, I was just about to give up after listening to the 'ambient' side and then for the same reason I have to look on every shelf in a 2nd hand bookshop or go though every CD/DVD pile , I decided to carry on because very occasionally, you come across something that makes all those hours worth it - and this is definitely one of those moments.

The tracks Modern Life, Cities and especially Die Melodie-Ritmus sound uncannily like the sound of Detroit albeit a few years before the 303-808 template was fixed. I am so glad they didn't add vocals as it is the voice which fixes a track in a specific time-frame, far more than any other instrument (with the exception of the synth-drum).

I am really surprised VOD/Minimal Wave/Dark Entries et al have not picked up on Cybe for a reissue... yet!

There seems to be some great tape labels operating in Holland around this time - I have a few rips from artists like Das Ding on Tear Apart Tapes and Stitching Update Materials - which I think were from No Longer Forgotten blog - there is some great music on there as well.

ini.itu said...

some Cybe tracks have been recently reworked by Wíeman on their Cryptonesia LP ! check it out on ini.itu at