Friday, 15 May 2015

Keeler - "Out Of Body" (Great Orm Productions) 1988

One aspect of the digital technology of the eighties that was even more unimaginatively used than FM synthesis, was S-s-s-s-sampling. The memory of that Fairlight orchestral stab sample still makes me wake up in a cold sweat! (Oh Yeah!). Such terrible sample abuse was at best, a crime against Art,maybe even against Humanity? Prime examples of 'artists' still wanted for sampling crimes are The Art Of Noise, Paul Hardcastle,and virtually every rap record.
This Keeler release relies on samples taken from various parts of his body, hence the album title. He doesn't feel the need to sample the Bass line from "Walk On The Wild Side",and instead uses the sampler creatively, with processed voice samples making the majority of the sounds.
Thankfully there are no DX7 trumpets,or Fairlight orchestras,or Linn Drums,just Keeler;well, samples of Keeler.
A fine concept, executed tastefully.
RIP Keeler,
Hopefully The Fairlight never made it to heaven,along with Simmons Drum Pads,and the Yamaha DX7.


A1In Shadows, Among Strangers
A2Gamelan Canter
A4Hell To Pay
A5Funhouse Mirror
B3The Beachcomber's Desire
B5Night On The Living Knights

DOWNLOAD from the remains of kellers body HERE!

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Kenny said...

Yeah, that, and the shakuhachi sample drive me up the goddamn wall.