Thursday, 15 April 2021

Lindsay Cooper – "Outtakes For Other Occasions" ( No Man's Land – NML 8603 C) 1986

Well when I said that at least there were no feminist lyrics berating men for being men and not women, on The Feminist Improvising Group tape,yeah?...Well it seems that they....I used the word 'They' which in feminist newspeak usually means 'Men'...they,not 'they',saved that one for this tape of soundtracks for zero-budget plays and films that no-one got to see except a few chin stroking artphag's and the people who made them. 
"Score" from "Give Us A Smile",sung by improvising vocalist Maggie Nichols,with words by...wait for it....the Leeds Animation Workshop?... has all the paranoia and anti-male propaganda anyone could wish for......yeah of course everything is designed to keep women in their place,y'know, the kitchen and bed etc, blah blah blah.
It's enough to turn anyone into a misogynist inside three minutes.
'No Man's Land' is the label,but I notice Chris Cutler,and Fred Frith featuring prominently on the credits,dunno about you but the last time I checked they were officially 'Male'?
Otherwise, musically great,and reassuringly short. 


From The Play "The Execution" 4:05
A1 Tsar's Band
A2 The Assassination
A3 The Evening Before
A4 Score (From The Film "Give Us A Smile") 3:00
B1 Washing Line (From The Film "Green Flutes")0:35
B2 Score (From The Film "Against The Current") 3:05
B3 Curtain Music From The Play "The Time Of Their Lives" 1:20
B4 Trih's Song 1:23


rev.b said...

Ya know, if you wanted to sum up the spirit of the last several days of posts, you could do worse than Lindsay's first album call Rags. I'll post the mootha fooka right here unless that's coming up soonish....

kevinesse said...

man the "f" word really can put a sour glaze on anything.....but i do like this sort of thing....