Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Sten Hanson ‎– "Text-Sounds Gems & Trinkets" (Firework Edition Records ‎– FER 1037)

Sorry, just gotta have a bitch about something first!
If I had something on Vinyl-On-Demand to post I would, as Its founder seems to be claiming some moral High-ground over us with the 'Fucked Up Morals', for using photographs of someone else's cassette inserts,for which apparently gives the photographer ownership rights(if you don't want it copied don't put it on the internet!?); and for selling luxury products to Bourgeois record collectors,then complaing that listening to some lo-fi MP3's is robbing him of his thirty pieces of gold.Its an advert sonny-jim, and owning these astronomically expensive re-issues (not new stuff)is about the object/product/ and its posession not sharing poor copies of the music. Its like slagging off the John Peel Show for playing records of unknown musicians.Most of which, as is the case with this blog,are grateful that they aren't forgotten.In some cases it has revived their creativity, if not their career!If the public don't wanna pay for your products its because they don't think its value for money....its called market forces.If it don't sell its because no-one wants it.
I'm not supporting the artist apparently too!?
Simply by featuring the artist on a very popular blog one is supporting the artist, as most 99% of the  artists who have contacted me, have shown appreciation for this, i think that says something....the other 1% are in it for some other reason rather than the music. Slagging me off is like slagging robin hood and praising the Sheriff of Nottingham.....or even worse supporting Nottingham Forest instead of Leicester City.

I also apprently block criticism,which if you read the comments section you will find is a sad lie.I have never received so much as a whisper from this person,or if i did, it was published.

Sorry for disrespecting the memory of Sten Hansen,but i resent being condecended to by a jumped up record snob capitalist.
In their world, sharing is theft!?.....especially in these times,Property is theft.and copyright is Left.

I've washed my hands again, so i'll begin....Sten Hanson is Sweden's answer to England's Bob Cobbing and France's Henri Chopin. A sound poet -- or text-sound composer as the Swedish like to call this art form....The Suedes, in fact all Scandinavians always seem to get everything right. But they have one advantage over us mongrels...they have the Genetics to allow everything to work.Where the rest of the world panics, they remain stoic. One prime example is how to cope with Corna Virus, by carrying on almost as normal.
As highlighted here on "La Destruction de Votre Code Génétique par Drogues, Toxines et Irradiation" ("The Destruction of Your Genetic Code by Drugs, Toxins and Irradiation"): a robotic-like Hanson runs through the alphabetic sequence of human DNA, but the cut-and-paste sequence becomes gradually corrupted. 
Even when their famed laid back DNA is under attack, they don't get carried away.

Keeping in mind that some of this stuff dates back to the dawn of recording technology, this is a highly interesting work of voice and electronics. At times simple tapeloops and other tape-technology which is now lost knowledge in the world of computers, but also at times synthesizers and other such apparatus. 
So,here we have a compilation spanning nearly 40 years of sten hanson’s text-sound oeuvres,from the modern home of Text-sound,and common sense, Scandinavia.


1. Dance Figure (for EP) (1´55´´). 
2. Coucher et souffler (3´21´´). 
3. Che (1´20´´). 
4. La destruction de votre code génétique par drogues, toxins et irradiation (3´33´´). 
5. How are you (2´21´´). 
6. Don´t hesitate do it, do it right now (2´56´´). 
7. Railroad Poem or Kaffe i Hackås (2´41´´). 
8. Revolution (3´38´´). 
9. Tête à tête (5´04´´). 
10. Au 197.0 (4´57´´). 
11. Subface (4´10´´). 
12. Hermetic Back Poem (2´47´´). 
13. For Fylax with Love (1´21´´). 
14. The New York Lament (3´56´´). 
15. Bestiary (2´06´´). 
16. Am strengsten verboten (2´40´´). 
17. After John (1´15´´). 
18. Skärp dig för fan (2´59´´). 
19. That Jackson is my favourite poet (2´28´´). 
20. Variations on a Theme by Laaban (2´07´´). 
21. Pronto, pronto (2´18´´). 
22. Snake Jerroth (4´57´´). 
23. Oscar idkar (2´02´´). 
24. O Altitudo (1´56´´). 
25. Finale (2´38´´). 

DOWNLOAD these gems and trinkets HERE!


Wolfgang said...

Absolutely agree on that VOD stuff. Thanks for putting that in clear words.

Andy Tithesis said...

Sort of ironic it's named Vinyl On Demand if like there is none currently. Damn you know what Jonny this really is your fault you fucking thief! Tell me for reals how much money you passing through under the table through that pangolin fundraiser farce huh? You are a monster dude. It will be your fault when the next reissue he puts out in a really slick package fully designed and made through A to Z and he just cuts a check for out of dead parents inheritance money, doesnt have a 58 page insert on paper that cost more per sheet than idk something but instead only will come in a 48 page booklet? Do you want to be that guy? Don't mess this up for the VOD guy Jonny dammit. Can't you see he is only do this so he can meet his favorite artists and rub elbows like he is one of them? Ha ha. Oh shit thats what we are doing huh? Fuck. Oh well then. I guess we are all going to burn in hell I guess. Maybe just be glad that at the end of the day the other 99% of people on this planet will still never ever know who the fuck any one of us are still before we die. Ha ha. Cannot bea bad thing really. Fell it all as a blessing. You big playboy mover and shaker types. Oh boy some real life cowboys we are. ☻ Where's my patoon I got to shit! Thats wats that for right? And the velvet curtain too yes? Was velvet I mean. I appreciate that fabric now and I am a happier person for trying new things. So like you two piss ants get along okay? You are both groovy cats like ya hear what I'm saying man? Great. Now do a post calling for the death of Dieter you cunt!!! ☻ Solidarity my ass... wtf.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Nihil Young...either you defriend that VOD cunt on Facebook or you're banned from DieorDIY?...understand daddio?....excuse me now I gotta chat with some eighties noise rock has been to pretend i'm his best mate!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Wolfgang...it has to be said, and I refrained from using expletives too....the cunt!...lol

The Waffler said...

Well, I'm torn on this one. On the one hand, you, blog owner, are a seriously loudmouth tosser who thinks he "knows" much more than he actually does. But you would undoubtedly think the same of me. The technical term for that is a "wash". So whatever.

On the other hand, companies like VOD can shove their fucking limited edition vinyl up their asses. The entire enterprise has zero to do with music or art of any kind, and is a purely money-making enterprise from the word go. Which, in and of itself, is not a crime. However, if somebody wants to call then on it, they're gonna have to take it.

Hand number three doesn't think that what blogs like this do is "stealing", as such - but, you also get a little heavy with the marzipan on your facts and rationales sometimes. The biggest gripe I have with this entire modern universe is the usage of the word "share". When saying it out loud, you have to really lay the Keanu-ish California hipster drawl on for full effect - ie, "Oh, nice, dude. Great share!" Yeah, yeah - no matter where you stand or feel on the moral issue, I'm sorry, the correct phrase there, no matter how want to slice it, is "Oh, nice, dude. Great unauthorized upload!"

But then you have places like Exystence, who are quite clearly - no other explanation for it - being somehow protected and/or propped up by some major, or at the very least by somebody high up in some part of the industry with enough clout to keep them up and running. So I don't know you even begin to call that one.

And now I've kinda lost whatever point I was thinking about when I started out. (Hey, Jonnyboy, maybe you and I have more in common than I thought...) So I'll just say - everybody's a criminal. It's just an individual choice as to how you identify with and own up to it.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Tee Hee ,fair enough....and yes...i do think you're a loudmouthed tosser.

rev.b said...

I always thought being a loudmouthed tosser was a prerequisite around here. It's wot keeps me comin' back, like any good turd fly.

Jonny Zchivago said...

There's room for everybody here,gobshites, tossers,even sulking proprietors of luxury german reissue labels.

badgerstump said...

of primary importance ... Sten Hanson is a brain melting legend and children should be taught to recite his weirdness rather than the made up cum-by-yes-yes-right-there-dont-stop sermons of your latest dress wearing kiddie fiddler.

however ... of primary importance ... "Fucked Up Morals"? Someone sell me a Sheriff's hat with that emblazoned on it on Etsy! Literally no idea why you have come in for that kind of bullshit from him. So people like you and us share things that people can not buy from the artist or the label anymore to people that sometimes don't even know that the artist or label existed in the first place. Yep. Should have seen that already. It's clearly immoral and indeed criminal! Speaking of which, if you want to do in that direction ... send me a list and I will send you as much as you need!!!

finally ... of primary importance ... i've been critical of you slagging one of the bands that you then posted (Stump, i think) and i believe i have confirmed that your football team is shite. i would like to add to the list of criminality, leaving this barely floating turd island in order to move to a more liberal and enlightened part of the world.

so ... of primary importance ... you are a total gobshite and long may that continue!

of secondary importance, i obviously meant Alexander Haig you surrender monkey. yeah he's dead but it still doesn't stop Jesus!

Jonny Zchivago said...

@ badgerstump....i prefer a cowboy hat with 'No Morals' emblazened on its front...from etsy.
Thanks for the offer of what i assume to be VOD stuff?...i will certainly do that if the prick takes it any further...wil make a new VOD download on demand site to provide everything the twat releases as his own property, for the people. If that isn't the high moral ground i dunno what is!?

Stump still gets on my tits....but i respect your right to say otherwise.

Leicester City is obviously Not shite, because the mojority of the UK would always prefer LCFC to your billionaires plaything that you follow!
A real team is Leicester mate!

A Gobshite and proud.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for THIS blog!

We’re not all trust fund babies Herr Bull.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers Anon..if you wanna slag the rich boy off go here: https://www.facebook.com/vinylondemandrecords/

Anonymous said...

VOD is responsible for making ultra-rare music even harder to be acknowledged/appreciated by sticking with the zombie format that is vinyl. It's basically a circlejerk, limited to people who can actually not only afford the prices, but actually find time in today's world to deal with LPs and record players. I own a decent amount and I'm still pissed when one arrives without a lossless download code. Digital is the future, it's more practical, you can mix tracks, listen to individual ones, etc. Bitter entitled necromancers like him are a dying breed, for virtually every label who still releases LPs today accompanies them with a download code. It's just fucking better. A butthurt hoarder like him will never admit to it though.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed Anonymous. He's ghetto-izing it all. Certainly not doing it for 'the people' or 'the Artists'
Its typical record collector behaviour, akin to the story i heard about the collector singer of Canned Heat, Bob Hite(?)...buying a stack of the same rare record, then smashing 90% of them so the remaining copies were worth more and rare!...this goes on a lot.
I wish I'd have thought of the word "Hoarder", i'll file that for my future battles. Nice one.
If you can be bothered go tell him about the FLAC download code option on his facebook page.....i wouldn't waste my time personally.

Jonny Zchivago said...

And to all you 'Proud to be Bourgeois' tossers who came here because Fat Frank put up a link.....sorry you're having to slum it,and have to come to a site thats interested in music rather than real estate,and rooms full of records you'll never play. Fuck Off and don't fucking come back.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you people. None of you ever met the guy. To call Frank a cunt is way to harsh. He can be weird sometimes, ja. But a cunt? I grew up with him. We exchanged records on a regular basis. I gave him Wipers I got SPK. Every time I went through his records, I found something I never heard before. When I asked what it sounded like, Frank told me to take it home and listen to it, because that's what they are made for. It was always about music for him. He's selling Double LP's for the price you normaly pay for a single record nowadays. You don't get rich that way. But wait, you people wouldn't know that, because you don't buy records.
If you don't like the format or the packaging, then just search the net and quit bitching about not having downloadcodes. I think it's fine when someone tries to make rare music available to the public for free. But if an artist or someone who publishes his music thinks otherwise you shouldn't react like a dick. You can't expect every musician to give his music away for free.
How about you ask your favorite football team to let everyone in the stadium for free during the next season? No can do? I see, they have bills to pay. Football sucks...


Jonny Zchivago said...

Dear Uwe...... fuck off!

Anonymous said...

Well that's very mature...


Jonny Zchivago said...

A bit like your fat arrogant cunt of a childhood friend......no really...Fuck the Fuck off.And don't fucking come back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Uwe. Thank you for missing the point entirely when talking about download codes. I don't expect artists to give their music for free, I expect them to be sensible enough to not restrict their publishing to a surpassed format. I do buy records, and I prefer digital like everyone else because the practicality just makes it better. You live in the past, and your friend's stubborness is precisely what makes him whine every now and then about losing money and threatening to close the label again and again while putting the blame on others. I pity him and scoff you for intentionally misinterpreting the message. Tell him that if he wants out of the financial and emotional stress, to make a bandcamp or immediately provide a CD version of a release when the LP sell out.