Friday, 2 April 2021

Sandy Denny and the Happy Blunderers - "Lincoln Folk Festival 24th July 1971" (Bootleg)

The highpoint of Contemporary Folk Rock in the summer of 1971 was on full display in Lincoln of all places. With Denny listed half way up the bill.The Americans seem to be the stars at this one.It could have easily been inverted.Never been a great fan of James Taylor myself.

The Happy Blunderers contained Richard Thompson and Gerry Conway in the same line-up,with the dependable Dave Pegg,and seem to have done a good job on this wobbly audience cassette recording,but survive it does,and there's plenty of Sandy's intra-song banter which always amuses. The dodgy quality just adds to the pathos for me.
Oh!Sandy why????.... WHYYYYY?!...yeah that's right I love her like a screaming girlie at a Beatles gig.
Sandy leaving the stage at Lincoln sporting one of her best hairstyles


1. Late November
2. The Northstar Grassman and The Ravens
3. Down in the Flood
4. Blackwaterside
5. The Optimist
6. Next Time Around
7. Crazy Lady Blues
8. John The Gun

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