Friday, 2 April 2021

Zchivago's Disco Dystopia -April 2nd 2021 - "A Dark Light From A Black Sun"

 Here's the latest Disco Dystopia:

Disco Dystopia April 2nd 2021:


1. YO LA TENGO - “Let's Save Tony Orlando's House”
2. THE MANSON FAMILY - “Never Say Never To Always”
3. THE THIRD EAR BAND - “Fleance”
4. FOREST - “Graveyard”
5. COMUS - “The Herald”
6. PAUL GIOVANNI & MAGENTA - “Gently Johnny”
7. JANDEK - “Nancy Sings”
8. SANDRA KERR & JOHN FAULKNER - “The Princess Suite from Bagpuss”
9. CURRENT 93 - “All The Pretty Little Horses”
10. CURRENT 93 AND SHIRLEY COLLINS - “All The Pretty Little Horses”
11. COIL - “All The Pretty Little Horses”
12. NICO - “Evening Of Light”
13. BRIDGET St. JOHN - “Ask Me No Questions”


rev.b said...

Mo' Gaddafi has the night off I see.

A-Mfan said...

I can't wait to give this a listen. Great track list.

Jonny Zchivago said... month its Mullah Omar gettin' down'n'funkeh with his Taliban mix

rev.b said...

At last, something to live for!

parmalee said...

Damn, it's like you ripped that track list right out of my head! Of course, now I probably shouldn't describe it as truly inspired, as it just sounds like I'm complimenting myself too, but, well, it is! Especially with the Yo La Tengo opener.

Anonymous said...

O Medice Zhvago, these drugs work. Oh yes,indeed! Summas gratias tibi ago

anonymus no. 2

Jonny Zchivago said...

@parmalee.....its exactly what you cosmically ordered sir.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Anonymous no. 2...yes kids the drugs do work,and they make you better....of course I'm talking Vaccines here, so you Anti-Vaxxer twats get down to your local vaccination center and do your bit for freeing us from this fucking lockdown or reap the consequences.
Love an angered Medice Zchivago!!!!

Bambi said...

Only just got round to listening to this, and very much enjoyed it, thank you.